Oligodendroglioma - Returned

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has had a reoccurring Oligodendroglioma. My husband is now almost five years out and has just completed his second surgery and is now doing Chemo for the second time. He is doing well but now we know that the tumor can and has returned and it's a little unsettling. We are trying to stay positive, but I have to be honest - We're scared. Dianne


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    HI! I had surgery, chemo and rads for an oligo..finished up treatment in Feb. I am aware that there is a good chance of recurrence and like you, I am scared of that. What stage is your hubby's? Mine was a Grade II and I pray that it does not return. I wish you and hubby the best of luck!!
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    My father had a high level 3 oligodendroglioma. It was successfully removed in January 2003. He had 7-8 weeks of radiation and five rounds of chemo that finished December 2003. His MRI from less than two weeks ago shows what is either a progression or a recurrence. He has now started Temeador, but at this point it is considered just an effort to prolong his life. But my dad has never been considered to be in remission, sounds like maybe your husband was?
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    my name is mark7.iam a 3 time survivor of oliogo. myfirst was93 then2001 then03 we were also scrd. my ghostbuster-FAITH IN GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I had adream from god. he showed me his hands they were cupping my head he showed me that he had my life in his hands thats all i needed. my testimony is survivors web page.read it the secret is there