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does anyone else have to use a "dilator"?

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mine were hard plastic and so uncomfortable I started using a vibrator. I woundered if anyone knows of a good one that vibrates and spins (to break up more scar tissue) but it has to be small.

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My Dr had mentioned usng a dilator, but said as long as I was having intercourse a few times a week then I don't have to. Sorry I have no idea about vibrators....

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Not only is it an awful and embarrassing topic, it's sensitive. I hate one already(vibrator) that I had gotten from a "sex toy party". I am certain they are on line, as well. There is also a "sensuals...?" something website that shows you pictures and all. Good luck...I completely understand!

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Hi, When the Dr. handed me the dialator and a big tube of KY jelly I was shocked. Every day for 3 months, I was told then 3 times a week for 3 months, then once a week.

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Thank G-D your Dr. told you about this. Mine did not. I guess because my husband left me so my Dr. decided it didn't matter. Now I am completely closed up!

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Thank God, I found somebody to talk to about this. I hate this hard little mess and want so desperately to make love to my husband, but it is so painful. I use this little mess about once per week. But I, too, prefer something more real feeling. Will using a vibrator help with the scar tissue?

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