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Hi my name is Mandi I am currently a caregiver for a 60 year old lady that has been given 3 to 6 months to live as this is her 3rd battle with cancer and it has taken over her colon, liver, and stomach. She has recently signed a DNR and is considered a hospice patient now. What can I do to keep her spirits up? Is there anything that I should watch for....she's been shorter of breath lately and now her feet and legs are swelling....is this normal?

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Hey Mandy. There's a bunch of stuff online re: what's normal & not. Google the words :"palliative, . pdf, hospice", and you'll get hospice training manuals. You can view most of them in HTML format, but they usually come in .pdf form and can be read with an Adobe reader. If you don't have on you can dl one free online. God luck, girl.
The most helpful links I've found are below: (you may need to copy & paste)

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