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sarcoma & lymphedema

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my daughter had a liposarcoma removed from thigh , along with the femor muscle in sept. 2003. she has been in extreme pain ever since. burning, numbing, stabbing pain. now has lymphedema. dr.s have tried everything they know. 2 PT also. the last one specializes in lymphedema, but is at her witts end. she cannot get the swelling or pain to leave. she has tried shock treatments, water activities, and massage. dr.s have tried all different meds and nothing helps the pain, except for percocet. she is only 25 and hopes she does;nt have to take narcotics the rest of her life. i tell her she may have chronic neuropathy for the rest of her life. she needs a metal rod inserted into her femor bone that was made brittle from 8 weeks high power radiation, but cannot have it until the lymphedema is under control. PLEASE HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY ANSWERS!!! thanks dyana

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My orthopaedic oncologist used to work at U of Md Baltimore and now works at a cancer center at Sanai Hospital in Baltimore. He is an expert in Sarcoma's and is a consultant for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (L. Armstrong is the bicyclist who has won the Tour de France 5 times following treatment for testicular cancer). I had my right leg hamstring muscle removed and had extensive treatment for a sarcoma that was in the muscle. Get more opinions. There are so many doctors and so many different opinions and types of treatment and therapy. Contact me for anything. jcthomasjr@yahoo.com

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My nephew is 22 years old, he was recently diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer 3 weeks ago. He has cancer in his stomache. he was in the hospital to get Chemo and the cancer spreaded. he is now on life supprt and fight for his life.
Can you tell me what is his chances, will he survive? Cancer does not run in my family, no one has every been diagnosed with Cancer before this. I was just informed at 1:40 that he has a few hours to live..:(

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i am so sorry to hear about your nephew. be strong, miracles do happen. i will pray for him and your family. keep faith, doctors are guided by god with their knowledge and will protect him whatever happens. dyana

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Dyana, I had the same troubles you explained including having the sarcoma removed from my right posterior Thigh and developing lymphedema. I was sent to Physical Therapy and then to a lymphedema specialist. They put my leg in a cuff and did massages and eventually the problem was resolved. Let me tell you that it took more than just 2 treatments. as a matter of fact it took several weeks of treaments spread out. As far as the pain. It has been several years since I completed my intial treatment, except fro another tumor removal back in October, and I still live with pain every day. It is not enough pain to be taking narcotics to control but it is constant.i do not want to lie to you and give you false hope so that is why I felt the need to tell you about the pain. I am in the Chatroom often and go by the name of Mike99 so if you can catch up with me and want to discuss it more than feel free or you can leave me a message on my web page which you can find by typing Mike99 into the serch box. God bless and the best to you and yours.

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