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Raising Awareness

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Does anyone have any good ideas to raise awareness of OVC? September is ovarian cancer awareness month, but I'd like to get something in motion. I'd like to start an annual walk in my area, but I'm not too sure how to get started. There's already a Relay for Life walk nearby in the Summer. However, this doesn't help raise awareness of OVC. Does anyone know if there's a Michigan chapter of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance? Also, does anyone know if teal ribbon stickers exist? I'd like one to put on my car to help spread the word. Please let me know if anyone has any good ideas.

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I to have looked for teal ribbon stickers to go on my auto. I am a ovarian cancer survivor. Dx in Aug.7th 2002. Mine was caught early, I am a 1-C... Did 6 rounds of Chemo and I am doing great. I would love to raise the awareness about ovarian cancer. Please if anyone finds out where the teal stickers can be found, please post it on here..
Hang in there ladies

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I would love stickers too! But I think we should also have a pin, just like the breast cancer pin. Don't know how something like that even gets going. I'm in Michigan, would love to do a relay, but I have broken foot right now! I'll be watching for any other suggestions/events. Good luck!

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There is a pin ... it is a teal ribbon. I have one fastened to a cross that hangs from mirror in my car. I know I've seen stickers but not bumper stickers. That would be a good idea. I am writing the newspapers again when september comes around and make sure that they are aware it is Ovarian cancer awareness month. I have put articles in all the newspaper before by writing a letter to the editor and in it I list all the signs. One local newspaper liked my letter so well they came out and did a feature story on me, ovarian cancer and Faith. Actually put a picture of me in the newspaper reading my bible and my added my favorite verse at the end for me. So we can make a difference, we can increase awareness... Prayers to all! Bonnie

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It's really easy to make a pin, really, and if you want directions, just go to "Make a Pink Ribbon Lapel Pin" on the ACS Site, and pretend it says "Teal" instead of "Pink". Perhaps it would help raise recognition if the Teal Ribbon was recognized more widely. Truth is, breast cancer is responsible for something like 10x the deaths in a year more than ovarian, so it's more heavily funded and recognized.

I think the walk concept is overly used now due to the fact that it can be a "package" purchased by organizations. Not that walks don't raise money for good causes, but there's pretty much one a week in most larger cities in the summer. I went on one last September that was a cancer walk, but wasn't based on ovarian cancer - that walk had been held a week prior!

I think the stamp that TealRibbon put on the discussion board is an excellent promotion.

How about a "Moonlight Shuffle" concept, that one of a local club is having:

Course will be brightened by luminaria candles and night-glo necklaces. Leisurely, non-competitive, run/walk of 3.1 miles along lightly traveled country road.

Have you contacted your local chapter of the ACS to see what may be in the works? My support group (which is associated with the ACS) is planning an event for September, but it hasn't been advertised, and I doubt many beyond the immediate group would know it's being worked on.

My group has stuggled with ideas for raising awareness, and it's easy to see it's far outshadowed by other cancer concerns, although it's much more likely to be undiagnosed until it becomes deadly.

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You can also order pins through the internet on the Conversations website at http://www.ovarian-news.org/ It has a lot of valuable info. They have a newsletter too. Thanks for all of the feedback regarding ideas.. I work in advertising, so I'm going to see how much it would cost for our print production dept. to make them for me. I'm also in Michigan. I'm doing this all for my mother who unfortunately lost her battle with this silent disease in January of 2004.

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ACS also has teal ribbon pins available through their "tlc" catalog. They are $6.00 each. They also have purple ones, which stand for all cancers, if you happen to have more than one type affecting your family (I gave one to my mother - I have OVCA and a sister had breast cancer). They are very nice, metal (gold) and painted with the color you desire. You can get a catalog through this website, but can only order via telephone or mail.
Good luck with your local endeavors to raise awareness. It is a worthy cause, and well worth getting the word out there.
Be well.

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I have been trying to find a teal ribbon bumper sticker also for quite some time now. It was in my search that I found this thread. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know, I've found something!
It's at http://www.stuffwithnames.com/pages/cancer-awareness-magnets.html

This is the first source I've found. I'll post others as I find them.

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