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Update on Ben

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Ben might be coming home Thurs :) He is having trouble tho with his bladder so may have to come home with the Cath still in... they took it out Saturday but Ben couldnt hold his urine so they decided yesterday to put it back in... Hopefully with time and healing this will improve. If not we will deal with that... Both Ben and me are just so happy the surgery is over and we think Dr Gearhart is a wonderful doctor. Now on to healing then chemo and hopefully remission again. :)

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Hi Teresa n Ben--great to hear Ben is doin ok--hey--the waterworks will sort itself out.Takes a little time sometimes after the surgeons have messed us up but am sure he will do ok.
Don't yu go wrapping him up in "cotton wool" tho Teresa---he he---many a wife has been sucked into being the go-for(slave - I call them)--I tried it on Jen but she didn't fall for it!

Jest kiddin sweetie---pour all the luv yu can on the man and he'll be back to normal in no time.
our luv and huggs to yah both--kanga n Jen

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Dear Tessyann
Nice to see you smile :)
So glad to hear that the worst is over for Ben, and now the healing can begin. As "Dorothy" would say, "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!".

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Thanks Kang and Gall :)... Ben had to stay a extra day :( so will be home tomorrow ( friday)...Hes got a VERY large incision wound tho in his rectum incision... the front one on his stomach tho is doing good... So here we go again with me being wound care nurse had to do this with his last surgery when he had one the size of a softball on his stomach..I swear I missed my callin :) lol

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