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Trying to stay strong

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My uncle was diagnosed with stomach cancer over 2 years ago. He was only diagnosed after many trips to the ER where doctors told him that it was only an ulcer. Come to find out my uncle was in the advanced stages of cancer and had to have a 12 hour surgery to remove part of his stomach, liver, spleen, and kidney. Now my uncle is in his last days. He can't talk, he's unresponsive, and he just lays in bed with a glassy look in his eyes. The hospice nurses say that he could go any day now. It is so hard seeing someone that used to be so full of life and laughter reduced to this. My family and I are trying to remain strong but it's kinda hard when we think how THIS could've been caught early and perhaps prevented. Please pray for the strength of me and my family and for the wife and 2 kids my uncle will be leaving behind.

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This is such a difficult time for you and your family. Know you are not alone.

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