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Numbness on leg

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I was diagnosis with ovca in August '03, with a CA125 of over 3000. After the operation I had a numbness on my left thigh. I finish my chemo in January and my CA125 is now 9,yeah. But the numbness is still there. Anyone experience this? Please let me know what can be done to get feeling back in my leg. Thanks so much, j

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CONGRATULATIONS ON THOSE LOW NUMBERS! And I'm glad you'll be done with your chemo soon. Did you have lymph nodes removed during your surgery? I did, and it was explained to me that because of that, I will experience the numbness that I have on my right upper thigh/lower abdomen. Don't think it will go away, but it's a small price to pay for being well. Anyway, hope this helps. You'll be in my prayers for continued health. God bless you!

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Thanks for all the info. I'm not sure if my lymph nodes were removed, I'll ask my doc next time I see her. I have another question - my right shoulder became frozen during the 6 months I had chemo. After 12 sessions of physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs my shoulder is 90% better. Also, my knees are kind of weak. Have you experience any of this? Thanks much for all your input.
As for the low CA125 - I changed my diet completly. Now it's green tea, plain yogurt and fresh veggies.

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Hi j, Good for you-your CA-125 is nice and low now! I have numbness in my upper left thigh, also, and mopar is right on the money for the cause. I asked my ob/gyn about it, and she said it was from lymph node removal. I seem to be getting feeling back now (maybe). I noticed it because of my purse bumping my leg, so I just changed purses!

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I had OVCA diagnosed and surgery in Aug 2002. Had the numbness you describe, Dr said it was from the remval of the lymph node in thigh, it took about a year for it to get back to normal. Fine now. Had 6 treatments of carbo/taxo. My ca125 stays around 8, CAT Scan (last month) normal and I am very grateful for my stage 2 to be over or in remission. I say remisssion because we never know, but I am not waiting around with my life to see! I am very active, still get very tired once in a while, just rest a while and get going again. I also get joint pains from time to time. Better these things than cancer being active! God bless you.

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