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CMP Results (Liver Panels)

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I went and had CMP re-did. This panel came back slightly abnormal as well. The oncologist dr said the Alpha somethings were better, but the ALT's were still a little high. Said he was sure it was okay but just to be on the safe side wants me to see the gastro dr. Everything else seemed to be fine other than the slight elevation of my CEA which was 1.3 (1.6 before surgery) Just to recap...had colon resection last Oct. Stage 1 maybe 2. no chemo. no lymph node involvement, margins were clear. What tests should I ask for from either the gastro dr or the oncologist?

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Hiya Franny, I was very similar in dx--stage 2.Had 5fu/leuc. for 6 months and now completed.
I had 3 colonoscopies--1 prior to surgery and 2 after--all clear now.
My surgeon will now monitor the chance of mets. via ultrasounds and blood tests every 2 months with a further colonoscopy every 3 years.
I am a bit concerned that the colonosc. are a long way apart but my surg. said that the ultrasounds are mainly for liver mets(as well as other organs) and bloods can tell them a lot too.
I was told any cancers in the bowel will be reasonably slow growing and there are no indications of polyps at the moment.
So I guess I have to trust their instincts--still worries me tho.
Our best wishes and hoping you never have a re-occurance,luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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Thanks Kanga! It was really a toss-up for me about chemo, but after my results were sent to a panel of 10 drs they all agreed that I should save the big guns until needed IF needed. I still just get so anxious at the 3 month checkup and after getting some more good advice, I looked up my synthroid medication specs and found that it does indeed cause elevated liver panels, so I am hoping that when I see the gastro dr next week, that is all it will be. Take care of yourself and my dr told me the same thing about the colon cancer being a slow grower!

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