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CT Scan Update

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Hello, I am sorry that it took me so long to get back with you guys. A lot has happened since I was here last. The CT Scan shows that the spot on my lung considerably bigger(in size and density). It also showed three other small spots. I had a PET Scan and it show cell activity there in my lungs and in a spot in my pelvis area. I am told that they are scheduling surgery to put my port back in two weeks after that heals they will start more chemo. I am not happy with this but I guess you do what you have to do. My doctor also wants to start me on the new drug Avastin. Has anyone taken this before and how good is it and how bad are the side effects? More tomorrow. Michele

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Michele... So sorry to hear your news. Remember we are here for you and will pray for you often. I can't really say much about the avistan. I have read some about it. Just remember everyone gets along different with different chemo and most important, remember that the advancements in colon cancer is remarkable in the past few years. Good luck and keep us informed.
God Bless

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Hi Michele: I word-searched Avistan on this site and got 78 hits..also, here is a link to an article on the drug; http://www.cancer.mednet.ucla.edu/newsmedia/news/pr122602.html
and you might search the drug on drugs.com for side effects, etc. Bud

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hi michele. i am on avastin and have been since feb. i had multiple lung lesions and now all but one r gone. the avastin really has no side affects you will know what they r if any the first time you use it. high blood pressure, protien in your urine, and so forth. hopfully your onc will inform you quite well on this drug. i am also still on oxcili and luc and 5 fu. i pray all this works out for you. i am on my third time of chemo so i can relate to that not again.


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Hiya Michelle---nice to hear that Netti has had some good results with her lungs--am really praying that you can achieve the same.
Thinking of you and all our other friends here.
luv n huggs-kanga n Jen

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Thank you all for all of your prayers and support. Where would I be without you guys?

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Thank you so much. I hope that you will be fine also. They have said that those are the same things that I will be on. How are all of your side effects from the chemo itself? Good luck and stay strong. Michele

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