Hello from Europe

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Hi everyone! I am in beautiful, but rainy and cold Austria. I noticed from the discussions that Monika and Bert are also in Europe. Monika, if you just happen to check in on the boards, let me know where you are, we are presently in Salzburg, tomorrow Vienna and then on to Germany (Munich) and then back home again on the 19th. We spent 10 days in Italy where it too was cool and rainy, but to be free from the chemo and enjoy the sites and feel good is more than I could ever ask for.

You are all in my thoughts and I wish I could lift you up and bring everyone here.

I am feeling very good right now and don't want any of this to end.

Blessings to all.



  • kangatoo
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    Awwwwwww Kerry--now yu gorn done made me jealous!!!!!
    It is rainin here in oz too so am gunna go outside and dream of bein with yah.
    Hey--yu enjoy yahself and keep the big C right outa your mind--yu deserve a holi after that chemo invasion.
    luv n huggs- in total jelousey--he he--kanga n Jen
  • jsabol
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    Good to hear from you and I am also a wee bit jealous; I'm collecting ideas for a potential celebration tour after chemo also. Thanks for staying in touch; enjoy the rest of your time, rain or no. Judy
  • grandma047
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    Enjoy your time, even in the rain. I've found that when I feel good, it doesn't matter what it's doing outside now. I've learned to just enjoy that day. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Love and prayers, Judy H.
  • Galliano
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    Dear Kerry
    I wish you an abundance of sunshine and rainbows!!
  • KrisS
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    Hi Kerry-Thanks for sharing your fun. Makes me a bit envious but also motivated to plan a few small escapes myself. Make the most of it.