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I have had lower right abdominal pain for 4 months. Had vag US and CT - normal. I have not had a CA125. My Dr wants to do a colonoscopy to rule out other abdominal issues. If that is normal she may proceed with a laporoscopy. My question is - will a laporoscopy detect Ovarian Cancer? How accurate is it?

Also, I have bad leg pain (around ovulation). What are the symptoms of DVT?

I am the mother is 2 young children and very scared.

Also, does anyone know when OvaCheck will be available - I have heard this will be a great test for OvCa.

Thank you for sharing your info/knowledge. God Bless You ALL!

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Hi, I have had two pulmonary embolus episodes. The symptoms of DVT are pain AND swelling. My doc told me that pain without swelling can be anything. So if you think it is DVT you need to watch very carefully for swelling. The ohter most important factors are family history and lifestyle. One reason I had DVT was pregnancy, two weight. Until you know for sure DO NOT wear anything tight around your thighs(girdles), it can cause clotting. I wish you the best!

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Hi, www.cancer.gov has some information on Ovacheck, and it doesn't look like it's going to be available any time soon. It DOES look as though it will be a great test, if it passes its trials. Here's a passage from that site:

Currently, more than 70 percent of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed at a late clinical stage when these patients have only a 20 percent chance of survival at five years. In contrast, the 20 percent of women diagnosed with early-stage disease have an excellent prognosis, with over 95 percent alive five years after diagnosis. It is encouraging that these investigators were able to correctly identify the disease in a small sample of patients that were all stage I ovarian cancer cases. The results of this study indicate that proteomic technology, once validated in large trials, may help clinicians diagnose the disease much earlier than current methods.

Regarding DVT, I didn't have any real pain when I had it-even when I went into the hospital with an embolism. The doctors and nurses kept pushing on my foot (toward my leg) and asking if it hurt-it really didn't! It was swolllen and felt odd, and my foot felt a little numb.

When I was in my early 20's I had a problem with my left fallopian tube-some sort of infection-and my left leg hurt before I went to my doctor and it was diagnosed. I've always felt it was because there was pressure on my left femoral artery from the tube.

I will say I was overweight when I had DVT, and the DVT was a symptom of the cancers I had.

Fran Drescher says in her book "Cancer, Shmancer!" that she feels leg pain (which she had prior to her diagnosis of uterine cancer) should be listed as a symptom of uterine cancer, and says she has heard from many women who had it prior to their diagnosis, also.

Will the laporoscopy your doctor mentioned be for an ovarian sample? Laporoscopy can be for a variety of things. If it is done for a look at an ovary, I imagine they'll take a sample and have it checked right then. Write down any questions you have, so your doctor can answer them - and write down the answers!

Best of luck to you-I hope it's a whole lot of nothing!

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I was diagnosed and treated in 2002. My symtoms for ovca were pain in lower abdomen following strenuous exercise, spotting, and swelling in my right leg, just happened to be the right ovary that had the cancer. I did not connect any of these at the time. I was diagnosed because of the spotting, they did a ca125, it was normal, a sonogram, internal and external, then they did a ct scan based on the sonogram results. Best wishes to you. Keep pressing the issue, we are responsible for our health in the end, and we need answers.

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Hi bluecrab, Nice to see you back on the board! I'm glad to see you're commenting on this, too. Your experience is similar to mine, but I didn't have a CA125 done prior to my diagnosis (my original dx was for uterine cancer, Stage 1b) with ovarian, Stage 1c. What was your stage? It's so important to catch ovarian in early stages!

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