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Hello, I was hoping that you all could give me some insight on the early signs of uterine cancer. I am almost 29 yrs old and started to have abnormal periods back in Jan. with practically either spotting or bleeding almost every day. I was quick to blame it on the IUD that I had placed last summer, so I took a trip to the OB/GYN and he put me on some estrogen the end of Feb to see if that would work. I am so busy with my career that I have a hard time going to the doctor, so I finally made myself go back last week after only really "not-bleeding" for about a 2 week span since Jan. I had a sonogram done on last Thursday and they found what they believe to be a polyp, which could be the cause of the bleeding. I was told not to worry because these polyps are common in women and most of the time are non-cancerous. I will be having a office procedure done on Monday to attempt to remove this polyp in my uterus. If that does not work, then a D & C will have to be done. I can do nothing but worry that something else might be wrong and I do not know if I am just being a "worry wart"-:) I read some previous post from individuals that they had leg pain and I do have stiffness and joint pain in my legs recently that I could figure out, along with various other symptons people have described. Can anyone tell me what their early signs were? Thank you very much!!

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The most common early signs are abnormal bleeding especially post menopause and cramping. I also experienced lower back and leg pain. If an ultrasound shows thickening of the uterus that is another warning sign. Its not healthy to stress yourself worrying. There is no reason to worry just yet. The doctors will know more after they biopsy the polyp. Stress lowers your immune system, instead of worrying you could do something relaxing or meditate. It is good that you are vigilant and in tune with your body, but that doesn't mean you have to be a worry-wart. I hope everything goes well and the polyp is benign. Best wishes to you!

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Hether727: How did your tests go? What were the results. My mom just died of uterine cancer. I hope all is well

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