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neuroendocrine carcinoma

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I just came out of hosp. this week. Had a tumor removed and a axillary disection. I had a small lump under my arm in breast area. Felt flat and had a bruse over my skin. Nothing to do with breast cancer. It's name was neuroendocrine carcinoma. The 15 nodules removed from the axillary disection came out negative. I am in a healing process from surgery. Appointment with my doctor is next week. What do you think that i'm supose to expect now? Nobody has heard about this very rare cancer showing up in the breast tissue.

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Plkease go to the carcinoid cancer foundation web site. Even though yours is not exactly a carcinoid it falls under the same family and there is a list of experts there that you should contact. I know dr. Rodney Pommier at OHSU specializes in this and also has a breast clinic. He is wonderfull and also will consult with your oncologist. Also through the carcinoid site there is a link to a sweedish site for neuroendrocine tumors and you can e-mail the docs there and ask questions no charge and they promptly return your e-mail with an anser to medical questions. It has been very helpfull.Its important that if your not going to see a specialist that your oncologist contacts one of them. You can print the list and im sure they will be happy that you did.

I hope this helps!

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