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I have an idea, and I need some help to build momentum if the support is there... The pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer survivors, and there are various colors symbolizing other forms of cancer and other diseases, but I would like to see one color symbolize CANCER SURVIVORS - regardless of the type of cancer. Since the American Cancer Society Relay For Life is an all-inclusive cancer support group and fundraising event, and it's colors are purple and pink, I think that a purple ribbon should symbolize cancer survivors in general. I am a 12 yr survivor of Hodgkins Disease, and I would love to have a symbol of my achievement to display proudly. Cancer is something that touches alot of lives, and I hate to think that support is being segregated or prioritized based on types of cancer. We are all fighting the same battle, and every breakthrough helps us all.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas! I would love to hear feedback - supportive or not.

Thanks much!!

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First, my hat's off to you as a survivor, Rajane! HOOAH!! I think it's a wonderful idea, and purple is a good choice--it's like combat veterans getting the Purple Heart. And let's face it, cancer is the ultimate battle for life. My wife has Hodgkins Lymphoma and is down to her last three chemo-treatments as of this coming Friday morning. She went from a stage 4 (eight months ago) down to a stage 1. We dread every time she has to go in for a treatment knowing that rough days are coming up afterwards.

I would love for every cancer survivor to have a ribbon like that to symbolize your courage, love, and hope. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

--The Bear

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I am with you, Rajane! I too am a Hodgkin's survivor (14 years now with only a few scares in between). My mother-in-law, who I recently lost to both ovarian and breast cancer, and I would often discuss this very topic. Let's chat and see if we can't start something at the grassroots level (it doesn't hurt that that's actually what I do for a living)? I think having a ribbon to support awareness of survivors sends such a positive message - that you can beat it, encourages everyone - survivors and their supporters - to embrace life because it is so precious.

Bear, I'm glad to hear that your wife is progressing so well. I think my cancer was sometimes harder on my family than it was on me. I'll put you both in my good thoughts and prayers.

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Rajane, I am also a Hodgkin's survivor - I'm almost 3 years out now. I absolutely agree we should go with the Purple Ribbon for all cancer survivors. I also am like you, I want something to proudly display my battle, and survivorship.
I'm with you!

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Hey , saw your old message on a survivor ribbon and how you wanted something to show folks you were proud to be a survivor. I felt the same way after beating double kidney cancer and I designed the War on Cancer Survivor Purple Heart Medal. You can see it on my web page. TWS8302

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I have finished treatment for anal cancer. "The silent cancer" which has no ribbon or color due to the rarity and sensitivity. I would love to have a ribbon to say I couldn't walk or sit down for 2-3 weeks due to treatment! I agree with the purple color also.

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I agree. There is so little support for anal cancer. I don't think it's because people don't care, it's just that there are so few of us. I hope you are doing well post treatment. I finished my treatment on 9/11/09. Waiting for the results which I will find out in Dec.

I couldn't find much at this CSN site about anal cancer. But I found another site and there is a good support group there. I'm attaching the link in case you'd like to visit it. Maybe you have already.

Best of health to you!


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