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Hi folks,

Just wanted to say hi and check in with you all.

Bonnie, as I remember your numbers were creeping up. How are things going with you? I hope things are good.

Ground effect, got that garden going yet?

Hope you are all doing wonderfully.

While you are here, could you take a min. to go to the link below to sign the petition for an Ovarian Cancer Stamp. Didnt get enough signatures last year and they have to start all over. Also send the link to as many folks as you can and ask them to sign also.

The stamp will certainly boost public awareness of OVCA, which is terribly important.

Sandi (TealRibbon)

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Good to hear from you. We were just reminded on the ovarian listserv to resign this also. How are you doing? My numbers are still going up and I see the Doc on the 13th. Have my ups and downs like everyone else, but Praise the Lord for staying with me through it all. Flowers are starting to bloom and we are planting trees this weekend.

Well I'll head right over and sign the petition now. Thanks for the reminder. And if anyone wants the address to be recieve the ovarian listserv emails and/or conversations newsletter let me know.

God bless you all and Happy Mothers Day!


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Signed it! The veg. garden is still too wet, but I'm working on my flower beds, and considering how to bring that old hay rake into the yard.

I hope you're doing well, and thanks for passing along the information about the stamp.

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Hi TealRibbon,
Thanks for posting this - I wasn't aware of the petition. I have gone and signed it, as well as let everyone I work with and all of my friends and family know they should sign it as well. Fingers crossed they get enough signatures this time. It will certainly help make everyone aware.

Bonnie, I'm interested in the listserv address. And I am very sorry to hear your numbers are up. Mine recently went up too (after 11 treatments of taxotere/carbo) and I'm unsure what my next doc visit will bring. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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