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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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My husband is concerned he may have prostate cancer or problems. He recently had major back surgery related to an auto accident, among other surgeries. But after they took the catheter out, he still had burning with urination. It has since developed into pain near the scrotum area. He also experiences pain when we have been intimate, thereby leaving him unable to maintain because of the pain. Any thoughts? Urine test comes back negative for urinary tract infection (the doctors approach). Would be so appreciative of any help you can give. God Bless You.

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Initially he should have a PSA blood test to determine if the results indicate a "possibility" or "indicator" of problems. Pending the results of that test, he should follow up with a biopsy series if so indicated.
From the symptoms you describe, it is possible that he does have some prostate difficulty although there may be some other underlying problem. Only your doctor can tell for certain.
Good luck, Benji

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I agree with Benji, the PSA test is the way to find out if it is prostate cancer. I don't understand why your husband's doctor didn't order the PSA. Did your husband tell the doctor that he is concerned about prostate cancer? How old is your husband? Have any of his family members developed prostate cancer? If your husband's doctor is aware of the answers to these questions and still hasn't ordered the PSA test, there is nothing wrong with seeing another doctor for a second opinion -preferably a urologist. Keep me posted. -Dan

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Thank you both for your prompt replies! Yes, he mentioned his concerns to the doctor, who shrugged it off. We will definitely follow-up with a PSA test. No cancer history in my husband's family. He is 53 years old. Other than the injuries from this auto accident from 2 years ago, he is in overall good health. Health, fitness and nutrition has been his hobby. Also, has taken vitamin E for over 30 years (we both have). Takes BetaSitosterol (known to assist the prostate) also. Exercises, eats healthy, all those things I know helps. Will keep you informed. Thank you again!

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