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why can't I chat???

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Hi all I am still sorta new here and am wondering why I can't get in the chat rooms? Everytime I try to enter I get a blank page that says something like type here and press enter, but here are no buttons nor anywhere to type? I work on Macintosh computers.. maybe it's not compatible? I use Interenet explorer 5 also. maybe I need updated? Any help appreciated!
Sally Jo

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Hi sally I had that happen and figure out it was my firewall blocking me out so I had to disable it so I could chat... try that if you have one mine is Nortons and see if that works

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I don't have afirewall that I know of - I don't have Norton installed either. I think maybe it's cause of the MAC :( I feel left out :(

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Hi Sally Jo!

Long time ago, I posted a guide to get into the chat rooms. Lots of new names here make me think we all could use a refresher course. Here goes...

(1) Click on one of the two chat rooms. The only reason for 2 rooms is an effort to accommodate the number of people entering. It's not like one is for "group A" and another for "group B"...it's simply trying to let a lot of people in without creating a ton of chaos!

(2) Once you've entered, sit and wait. You could usually grab a cold (or warm) drink, empty the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry, or something of equal time.

(3) You will know you are in when you see a big outlined box. This holds the active dialogue. You will be typing your messages in the narrow box below this larger box.

(4) The names of the people in the chat room are listed to the right of the main dialogue-holding box. You will not see your own name, but others will, and they often will greet you with a "hello" of some kind.

(5) Foul language is discouraged, as well as anything which may be too offensive politically, religiously, or with regards to treatments. Everyone is generally very cordial, but there may be the occasional moron who really is looking for another kind of chat room, and doesn't necessarily need to be here.

(6) If you want to single out one person, to do what is called PC (Private Chat) it's simple. Just double click on that person's name. An additional dialogue box will appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Same rules apply, but rather than talking to the entire room, only that one person converses with you.

(7) I am not certain, but I think Mac computers don't merge well with this version of chat. However, I may be wrong. I just once heard a reference to that in the chat room, but have no real proof myself.

SO, there you have it. Hope I helped. Sorry for the novel, but there was really no easy way to describe it.

See you there,


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Stacy, This is what I get when I try to enter the chat rooms;
An Error Occurred - Unable To Locate Record
   Type your message above and press ENTER.

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I get the same message. Type message above. Can't even type anything. I email them. Now they want details of what actually happens. I also received your email. Thanks for the letter. I can't write you back. Says it can't locate your email. Tried several times. I didn't want you to think that I didn't want to write you. Will try again. Check when you fist signed up and see if you check the box where you can receive emails.

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That's weird i am getting emails from others here??? Please try again :)

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Hi sally,

Same thing has been happening to me and I am a Mac user and have been for the two years on here (2 1/2!!). It has to do with an increased security measure they have installed. I emailed jose the csn guy and he wrote back with some suggestions....none of which I understand. I have no idea what a firewall is. I'm lost in computerese. Just ask nanuk! haha.

Oh well, I spend too much time in there anyway...maybe I'll get more work done and actually fold and put that laundray away that Stacy suggests! :-)

So don't feel left out or think it's a Mac problem. It's something else.

peace, emily who is not a computer geek at all :-(

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He - I have a Mac and can chat just fine (after waiting a minute for the messages to load). However, I use Mac's own program - Safari - rather than internet explorer. Not sure what version of mac you have, but maybe you could get the upgrade and use Safari (it's great - you can block all pop up windows with one keystroke!).

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