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Some good news to share

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Hi everyone -

Usually my postings are very dismal, but I thought I should share some good news with everyone.

My mom (diagnosed Jan 03 with stage III, second local recurrence March 04) met with her surgeon this morning. All the margins from the surgery were clear and 4/4 nodes were negative !!

They are not recommending further chemo. I am a little skeptical about this part. Since she had a recurrence (her chemo was a 5Fu/Lev for six months), shouldn't she have some more chemo. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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GREAT NEWS! Although any type of news is always welcome here, the good stories really make everyone a little more optimistic!

As far as more chemo, not sure. I think if you keep up with the CT scans to stay on top of things, that would be a good defense. If you're not comfortable, maybe a second opinion from a physician? Just a thought...

Take Care,


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Way to go!!! Totally awesome. Like Stacy, I'm not sure if more chemo is required. They will most likely be monitoring your mom quite carefully (at minimum every three months) and if anything SHOULD pop up, I'm sure they'll be right on top of it.


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Vanser that is wonderful news
But like you I be skeptical cause chemo is also for flushing the system incase and cell hide or get loose during surgery.
but I wish her the best and hope she stays well :)

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Hi Vanser, Your post really caught my attention since I am 2/3 through my 5FU/leucovorin chemo, stage III, 1 microscopically positive node. I was just having a chat with my onc last week about what kind of followup will be in order. My positive node did not show on CT scan, and my surgeon had thought that to the naked eye, all looked normal....so I find myself wondering what those sneaky little cells are up to. I think the suggestion about a second opinion might be worth considering. Regards, Judy

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Ah--good news Vancer--I was stage ll and also did 6 months 5fu/leuc--am now clear according to spec. but am required to do bloods and ultrasounds every 2-3 months to check on any possible mets.
I wondered about further chemo as well but was told that the above tests should keep track of things.
Our best to your mum--kanga and Jen

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