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for the girls only

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I have been pushed into menopause because of chemo and radiation. I had a hysterectomy in the past, but kept my ovaries. I now wake up 2--4 times a night drenched with sweat. Does anyone else have this problem and did anything help?

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Hi. I also had early and immediate menopause as a result of radiation (zapped my ovaries). I spent a lot of time exploring the option of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As you know, HRT has been surrounded by controversy recently, especially in terms of long term costs versus benefits. I read a lot and spoke with a lot of doctors. In the end, I decided to try HRT for short term symptom relief (for 6 mos to 2 yrs). All my doctors supported this. My main 'symptoms' were hot flashes and night sweats (similar to what you describe). These have completely disappeared now -- and I'm glad to be on the HRT. Everyone is different and we each have to make our own choices, but that was mine. I certainly wish you all the best.

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Awwwww--ok--I'm a male!--so what can a mere male do??
Jen, although my carer and not a cancer sufferer( my lovely wife) has been having lots of troubles with hot flushes/night sweats and all the other stuff assoc. with menopause.
In fact it was a discussion I raised some time ago on this board.
Jen was taking a product called REMIFEMIN--this was the brand name here in Australia so may be different in the states.
The product is a "natural" replacement for HRT's and was very successfull helping her cope.
The two side effects she had were mild but apparently even artificial HRT's have different side effects too.
Jen did suffer some increase in weight and also a slight raise in blood pressure.
There may be a similar "natural" product your way worth looking into.
from a mere male--hope this may help
cheers kanga n Jen

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Mosesimo,

Every now and then the subject of menopause pops up! ! ! I was 40 years old at the time, and thanks to my radiation treatment I also went into early menopause. I know there is a great deal of talk regarding HRT. I took it for one year and I am now in second month of weaning of.
I have no regrets taking it I am now mentally & physically strong enough to stand on my own 2 feet.

I had every symptom in the book.

Insomnia big time !! I would go to bed sleep about 3 hours and then wake up with hot flashes and I would sweat for 3 or 4 hours . After sweating then I would freeze so I would curl up in my bed to get warm. During the day I would be depressed because I was tired from being up all night. Loss of sexual desire and vaginal dryness didn't help either. So after 7 long months , I went on HRT and everything returned to normal. With all the symptons I had it was hard trying to deal with the cancer diagnosis when your exhausted from all the menopause . No wonder I was depressed...
Life is good again and I look back on this like it was a bad dream!!! But I know it's very real

Now when I have a Hot Flash ! I just think of it as a Tropical Moment....


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