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3 Years later, lymph node involvement

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I was diagnosed with Papillary Tyroid cancer in March of 2001, at 22 years old. I am now 25 and have just discovered that I may have lymph node involvement that was not there at the type of my total thyroidectomy in 2001. I am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this, and how your treatment went? I am waiting to hear from a surgeon to determine the next course of action.

I never thought at 25 I would be dealing with this.

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hello i was diagnosed in jan of 2003 papillary thyroid cancer. had a partial surgery. then in jun of 2003 went back in cause a tumour developed on the other side. had that side removed.

been on meds no radiation yet well in oct of 2003 after my last surgery i started having swollen lymph nodes in my neck and back of head.
they have not went down at all kept on them have had three cat scans finally i get to have surgery again (joy)! which is friday my surgeon is taking out a few lymph nodes to biopsy them and see what is going on. so are yours swollen ? do they hurt at all ? and can you feel them yourself?
i can. mine hurt they say thats a good sine i guess.
but im kind of scared so i saw your message and thought there is alot of people in here that have problems with there lymph nodes after surgerys
i hope you find out what they are going to do let me no.
how do you feel? you feelin ok or not?
just wondering?
if you want you can email me sometime i would like to talk
thanks shell

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I had partial surgery in 2002 for pre-cancerous nodules in my thyroid and a total thyroidectomy in 2005 for papillary ca. Now, five mos later an U/S is showing "suspicious" nodules in the "central compartment" and on the side where the cancer was removed. How are these treated? Does anyone know if one gets surgery over and over for enlarged, cancerous lymph nodes? This is so scary. I'm trying not to flip out.

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Jamie25 Take heart -you are not alone.My son was just 19 when he was diagnosed with pappillary cancer.He woke up one day and complained of a stiff neck ,the next day his neck was swollen to the size of a baseball and we rushed him,(if you can say a trip of 500 km is rush!) to the nearest hospital. He was an apprentice mechanic in our business in a remote desert town in Western Australia,Australia. He had a test and they said he had to have an operation in Perth which is the capital city of W.A We were very lucky that a vietnamese doctor who had dealt with the Chernobyl children with thyroid cancer after the nuclear fallout and had a private practise was taking on a few public patients in our government funded specialist cancer hospital.I don't know what your health is like in America but that meant Jeremy"s treatment was completely free with the top endoconologist surgeon.Poor Jeremy had to endure 2 operations where they removed his thyroid completely and stripped his neck of other glands plus he has endured 2 bouts of radioactive iodine therapy.It is now 6 months since his last isolation therapy in hospital which he thought was his last. The 1st time after the radiation he had thought it was finished and impulsively raced out and bought a house on something called a first home buyers scheme which gives you $7,000 towards a first home, in Perth. He left us after completing his apprenticeship and went to live in his house.All the time he was having his treatment when he lived with us he was still paid his normal wage whether he could come to work or not. Now ,having being diagnosed a 3rd time with more surgery he is again depressed and very worried about his job , his house repayment and his car loan.He rang up today after being contacted by the nuclear science dept. 2 days ago, keeping the news from every-one that the scan he had done 6 months ago has showed problems in his lungs . It looks like he is back on the treadmill again!
He is so flat! The invincible youth.! He had thought if he gets on with his life nothing would happen to him. He is 21. He has had his sperm stored for the last 3 years in some scarey cryogenics lab in Charlie Gardinyer Hospital.Not something a boy who has had few girlfriends should wonder about.He doesn't even know if he has become sterile at the tender age of 21 What a shocking thing to happen to him at a time that you should not be thinking of mortality. Anyway Jamie the only thing I can say to you is keep positive,keep people around you that wish you the best and have family that will give you money to tide you over until you get over your next operation.It seems to me the more I read, this is a long term cancer that takes many years to deal with . If you would like to write to my son , forward mail to :
Jeremy Devene
60 Challis Rd ,ARMADALE 6112
Western Australia AUSTRALIA

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