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just found out

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i just found out i have cancer and am so scared just need someone to talk to


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Hi, my name is Cathy, with a "C" too. I am on her under "cbryson on 2/22/04", if you want to read more about my cancer. I understand that finding out is scarey: I have had skin cancer twice now (in my vulvar area), had two operations and done the chemo/radiation. Basically, it really helps to feel more confident if you have a good cancer team: your regular doctor, your radiologist and your chemo doctor (if you are going to have to have them). I was very impressed by all the doctors and clinic staff that helped me along. You don't say where your cancer was found; I'm assuming the vulvar area since you are in this discussion group. They will probably remove the cancerous area and the lymph nodes on the affected side. It's a long operation, but I bounced back rather quickly. The chemo/radiation is annoying and scarey, and you will get sick. But I'm sure you will have many people who will be around to help you. If you need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, just e-mail me back anytime. I usually check this site about three times a week. You will get through this. You will go through all the emotions and the physical stuff. Just do everything they tell you. And write if you need me. Cathy

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Hi, I'm Jules and I have recently been diagnosed with vulvar cancer as well. I already had surgery last june, and am now preparing for more surgery. If I can help, let me know.

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Hi cathy, I'm Diane. I too have vulvar cancer and would like to offer you support. Just keep in touch and don't be afraid to discuss anything. We've all been there. Let me know if I can help.


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