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Esophagectomy vs. Photodynamic Therapy

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My dad was diagnosed with Stage 1 Esophageal Cancer in March. He is scheduled for an esophagectomy this Monday, and is now having second thoughts and considering Photodynamic Therapy. If anyone could weigh in with their thoughts I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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I'm just like Your dad but I have stage 2. I walked out an hour and a half before surgery. I'm still going to have surgery but I'm getting a second opinion before I have it. They were going to remove all of my esophagus and I thought I could just have part of it removed. Surgery is still the best way to go for Your Dad and I Believe if We will be survivors.
Bobby in Texas

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Greetings. Please go to Cathy's EC Cafe and click on the EC group link ("www.eccafe.org"). There are over 1200 patients and caregivers there with lots of experience. You will find a lot of support and great information. Contact me directly if you wish at "mtnlivin@sti.net". Best wishes, Bruce

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