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Still don't know what to do next

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Just saw my oncologist Tues. for CT scan results. I still have tumors showing up in my liver and lungs although some have sharnk others have not. I have been doing chemo since Sept 2002. First every two weeks for 3 days with the pump. After a PET scan done in August 2003 which showed dead tumors I went to doing chemo every 4 weeks with no pump the last 2 times I have only done chemo for 1 day. I wanted to go out to going chemo every 8 weeks but my oncologist did not seem to agree with this. So I made another appointment for chemo in 4 weeks. I just feel like this is never going to end. I want to get on with my life and being a good wife and mother. Can anyone give me any advise how long they have been doing chemo or when they decided to stop. I just don't know what to do. Its easy for everyone who does not have to go through with this this every month to say keep going its working since they at first told me that I would live no longer than this past February. Help!!!!!! I feel like there is no end in sight.

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Jenn sorry to hear about your results. Have you been put on the new drug avastin.
My husband has met to liver. His lesions have reduced in size. we are looking now to get liver surgery. did you see the new pill on the news tonight that can shrink lung/liver tumors. Drug starts with a I. It will be in the paper tomorrow. I will write back with the name.

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Hi Jenn--what a pillar of strength you are!!
Of course no-one really knows what you are going thru--apart from others here on the board.Having only done 6 months of chemo-and hated it--I can only begin to understand how you are feeling.I guess the doctors are trying to do the best for you that they can.As you have got this far something must be working!
Even after the first 4 months I was dreading the next 2 on chemo--and look at you!You have battled on and gone past february!
Please do whatever it takes to survive--of course it is your choice--and your quality of life is what you are seeking as I am sure many others here can sympathise with you.
We offer you our love and support Jenn--such a difficult decision to make.
kanga and Jen xxxxxxxx

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Hi. The drug is Iressa and was more specifically developed to treat non-small cell lung cancer and metasteses to the lung from a primary tumor. However, it seems to be working on other forms of cancer that has metastesized to the lungs as well.
My mom has lung cancer and is currently in a phase II clinical trial. If this doesn't work, they are talking about putting her on Iressa.


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