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Cancer Go Away

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Are there instances where cancer never recurs in certain individuals? Or does it always eventually come back? I just don't hear of many stories of people who have licked it for many years. I need hope. Thank you.

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hi kelli,
i know exactly where your coming from. i need the same hope. hopefully runnerz will post to your message. ron50 is clear for over 5 years as well.


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Yes indeedy, in many cases cancer goes away for many, many years and in several never, ever comes back. The oncologist who is treating my husband Bert personally has four or five stage iv's that other oncologists gave up on and they have been cancer free for 8 plus years!!!!!!

I work with two women who have been clear of breast cancer...one for 15 years, another for 6. I also have a good friend who has been free of ovarian cancer for over 20 years.

Life is a crap shoot no matter how you slice it. Just because someone is diagnosed with cancer doesn't necessarily mean that person will die of cancer. Bert and I are fighting has hard as we can, and with God's help and graces, to slay the dragon for good.

Monika & Bert who are on a mission and crusade wearing our shining armour :o)

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Yes cancer definitely can be cured and colorectal cancer is in the majority of cases. I guess one of the downsides of this website is that those who are cured may be less inclined to use it so we are a skewed population. The likelihood of cure is related mainly to the stage of cancer and the rates quoted vary according to what you read. There are some good sites here on the web so have a look around. Generally they quote 5 year survival rates as if you are clear at five years the chances of recurrence are very small there after.
It is my aim to be cured and it is one of the things that keeps me going but even if you do have cancer that is considered incurable there is still so much life to lead despite it, so cure is not always the only thing to focus on. Talk to your own doctors about your inividual case as they are the only ones that can be specific and it is important to know what the aims of any treatment are.

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Kelli, I was diagnosed in Feb '04 with cc with mets to the liver (Stage 4). I to was searching for stories of people who have beaten this disease for at least 5 years. Since joining this group I have heard of many who are not only 5 year, but 10 and more. My gp said he has a woman who was stage 4, 10 years ago and is doing fine. My oncologist has several Stage 4 patients who are more than 5 years and still doing well. For some personal stories, you might want to go the the following website:


They have some wonderful survival stories from cc patients in all stages.

I hope this gives helps. Mike

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My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in 10/03. we just finished 8 treatments of oxiplatin combined with 5fudr. he had two lesions that met to the liver. we just finised cat scans and pet scans. one lesion can not be seen at all and the other barely seen on the films. we are now meeting with a oncologist surgeon who says we should remove the right portion of the liver. they use the word cure. the surgery is not a walk in the park. do you know anyone who has had liver surgery and survived more than 5 years??

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Hi Kelli, It is sometimes hard to believe that anyone survives ca but yes it does happen. Both my surgeon and my oncologist believed that I would live around two to three years . Apparently my colon tumor was frightfully aggressive and although not overly big ,it had already invaded six lymph nodes. I struggled through twelve months of chemo and have constantly expected bad news at every check up even though for some reason I KNOW that I survive cancer. My surgeon can give me no reasons but in jan 2003 he declared that I was cured and in his opinion the ca would not reoccur or metastasize. It has been 6years and three mos now my scans come back clear every year and my CEA sits at around 0.7 . I remain vigilant,have colonoscopies every couple of years but I remain convinced that I have beaten it,all the best to you and I pray you have the same good fortune as i have had .Cheers Ron.

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Good on yer Ron--you tell her mate!!!!!!!!!
Hey Kelli--you know it has always been a public misconception that once you have cancer--yah days are numbered---"not this little black duck~!!!!"
They can shove their 20% re-ocurrance rate--I'm here for the long haul---gunna outlive anyone that tells me otherwise.
I saw lotsa people in my clinic that have had re-ocurances but lots that have'nt and are still around 5-10 years after 1st dx'd.
=======KANGA FORBIDS IT!!!====
cheers from OZ--kanga n Jen

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Kelli--'cos you are so worried kanga is sending you multiple "rainbows" and the best luv and huggs Jen and I can muster!!

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Hi, I have that same exact fear and I am always wondering if once you have cancer it eventually will return. No matter how many years, it will come back..but coming to this site, I see many success stories and then I feel better. But I just wanted to let you know I also have that fear. I try not to dwell on it. And then I think well, if anything reoccurs we will handle it.

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My mentor in an organization called CanCare has colon cancer and had mets to the liver. She has been in remission for over 30 years with NO recurrences. She is my inspiration. Especially considering that she was treated 30 years ago with 5FU when it was just an experimental drug and there was nothing else out there. Don't give up hope. I get frustrated with the process, and often very down about having to go through it, but I refuse to give up hope!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you!!


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