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Great News

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Hi Guys,
I posted a message about a month ago about my concerns on an up comming colonoscopy. I want to thank each and everyone of you who replied.I re-read your reply's every time I felt depressed it really helped! Now for the good news I had my colonoscopy this morning and everything was clear I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders.Four years cancer free (in june) and counting.. Something Kris said in a reply to me has really stuck with me and that worrying will only reduce your ability to enjoy today and it is so true. I really am enjoying today..A special thanks to my friend Drmrgirl47 for all her encouraging emails. Wish all of you the very best and God bless you all..Thanks again for letting me be part of this group....Maggi

four year

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My dear Peggy,
I just read the discussion board. My goodness, I was so touched you mentioned me. Awww..it was nuthin! smile Thank you so much. To think if it were not for this great site..we never would have met. Thank God you are okay....Love, me

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Congratulations to you. I will have my first anniv. hopefully in June.

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Lisa Rose
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Congratulations Maggie!!!!Due enjoy everyday , life is a gift.

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Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. It is so encouraging to hear stories like yours. Yes, do enjoy each day. It is the only way. We should always be living that way, but seem to take each day for granted, until something like cancer or something devastating happens and makes us aware that we are only human and not indestructible. Again, Congrats!!!
Judy H(grandma047)hoping that someday I will reach the 4 yr mark too!!

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Hiya Maggie---GREAT STUFF!Thanks for sharing your joy with us.Jen and I are genuinely pleased to here of your news--an inspiration to keep us all fighting!
I rec. some good news yesterday and hope that many more here can enjoy some heartening news in the near future.
Love/prayers/support has no boundaries Maggie--it shows on this forum and it gets greater every day--live life to the fullest.
our best wishes/luv and huggs--kanga and Jen

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Hey Maggie, Thanks for the update and the good news. One of the books I read about a cancer survivor talked about entering the "Land of Dread" everytime he was due for another round of check-ups. I imagine that fear never leaves, but at least keeping it in it's place allows us all to go on with living. Thanks for sharing the good news; my onc has said that the first 2 years are the risky-est. Hoping we can all reach there and far beyond. Relax and get back to enjoying your life! Judy

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Congratulations!! And thanks for sharing the great news with us. It's inspirational - and gave me a great boost today.

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