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Check up Good and I'm off to Italy!

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Hi everyone. I have been finished with my chemo for 8 months now and to celebrate feeling better I am taking off to Italy. Leaving tomorrow morning and will return May 20! I had my check up this past Wednesday and my blood work all came out great - a little low on the white blood count, but that is to be expected (so the doctor says) and my CEA has maintained 0.7 for the past several months! I will miss all of you while I am gone, but perhaps I can find a chat room and check in to make sure you are all doing OK.

My continued prayers for good health and happiness are for each and every one of you.



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Lisa Rose
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Congratulations Kerry!!! On another great check-up. Let's keep all that positive energy flowing... Have a wonderful vacation in Italy and have a glass of wine on me. If all goes well I hope to meet you in Vegas.


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Hi Kerry, Don't know if this will catch you before you go, but have a GREAT time. Looking forward to hearing the details on your return. Enjoy, Judy

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you picked a great spot to celebrate. i was there last summer. enjoy the wine, cheese, pizza & shopping! they have internet cafes on every corner. have a great trip!


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Have a blast on your trip Kerry...if anyone deserves it, you do! Can't wait to hear the details of your trip when you return!

Have a safe trip,


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Yah hear what littlejules said Kerry--they have internet sites over there--so the minute yu get bored(oh yeah!) yu come on the net n tell us just really how much yu miss us!!!--he he lol

have a great time--grrrrrrrrr---kanga n Jen xxxxx

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Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003

One last goodbye, for now. Thanks so much for the well wishes. Yes, Kanga, I really will miss you all - you have been my lifeline for the past year - my source of knowledge, support and comfort. That's hard to beat. Love and prayers to you, till we meet in "Vegas".

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