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Any suggestions

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Hi all, I've had stomach cramps and frequent bowel movements for many months. I understood the diarehea when I was having radiation, but now it's different. Everytime I eat, I start cramping and have to go to the bathroom about 10 times before I start to feel better. It's not diarehea though. It's like a regular bowel movement. It happens no matter what I eat. Is this just part of the cancer? Is there a medicine that will help this or am I just going to have to deal with it??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to enjoy some time before I have surgery on May 20th, but this just makes it impossible. If I go all day without eating, I'm fine. But.. I know that's not healthy. What do you guys think? Have you had this problem? Thanks for your help.
Judy H.(grandma047)

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Hi Judy--from your pers. webpage I read that your cancer is low in the rectum and you have already had a colon resection--now awaiting a further sugery on the 20th.
What I am about to say may or may not be responsible for your cramps etc.
I was dx'd with cancer about in the area where the sigmoid colon ends and the colon(decsending begins)I had what they call a low anterior resection.
In my case the tumour partially blocked the colon and the following were the symptoms.
Diarrhea(spasmodic) as well as some constipation with much mucus.The motion was a times about "finger" thickness and also had some blood.
I n the 3 weeks prior to my surgery I experienced "extreme" cramps "low down".So bad were they that they doubled me up and I needed to go to the bathroom many times a day--it was more noticeable within 15-20 mins of eating.
On calling my specialist I was told that the movement of waste through the colon was restricted by the blockage--this can cause extreme cramps.
Another cause "can" be a symptom called "spastic colon" which is basically a portion of the colon that stops doing its natural "movement"--which is to move the waste along the colon--I think it is called "peristaltic action"
If the colon is damaged or has been and is healing "spastic colons" occur.Some people experience it after a colonoscopy--that is why it some times causes cramps and takes a little while to settle down.
After my surgery I experienced some cramps.
I would wonder whether your cancer is causing a partial blockage Judy.

OF course--remember--we are all different and I can only relate my experience.
If it is a concern please call your specialist--there are meds available to take depending on the cause of the cramps.
Hope this helps Judy.
Our luv and best for you on the 20th.
kanga and Jen

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Thanks for your reply. What you described happening prior to your surgery sounds exactly what I am having. I called my surgeon after reading your reply. He is going to be in surgery all day today and seeing patients until 2p tomorrow, so they are going to try and get back with me then. I hope there is a medicine or something that I can take to help this and hopefully surgery will take care of it. Again, thanks for the info. You have always been so helpful.
Judy H(grandma047)

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