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a big day coming up

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hello all. havnt posted in a while. just got off treatment so not feeling so well. i started on avistan in feb and have been on treatment again since jan with oxcili, 5fu, luc, decadron and on on may 3 i will go for my cats to see what is going on. i have 7 lesions that are very visible in my lungs and several small ones. of course our hope is that they are gone or shrinking up to nothing. just ask that you keep me in thought and prayer as i do this group as a whole cargivers and all. i will post when i get the news whatever it maybe. here is hoping the beast has been beatin.


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Hi Nettie I am new here but you bet I will keep you in my prayers ... how was Avistan ? That is one of the combo along with Oxcili they are talking about giving my hubby after surgery
Good luck with you CT hope all look good :)

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hello there. have had no problems with avastin. it can cause protien in urine, blood pressure increase, and the worst is stroke. all these have not affected me thank the Lord.


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I will pray for you that you hear good news. Good luck.

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Hiya nettie--it can be a long road for many of us.The posts here prove that cancer is not only the biggest battle we can come across in our lives but also a hurdle that can be gotten over-We wish you all the best from oz and send you all the luv and huggs to help you get thru this--kanga and Jen

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I sure will keep you in my prayers. Prayers are what have helped me so far. Let us know what you find out. I will be having surger May 20th, so keep me in your prayers too.
Love and prayers, Judy

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Dear Nettie,

Wishing you a complete recovery. I will remember you in my prayers. I know how stressful waiting for results can be. I'll be thinking of you.



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God Bless you and everyone else on these boards. My husband is just getting ready to start his chemo. Good luck with your scans. We have just begun our battle but already know the stress and anxiety waiting for results can cause. I will keep you ( and all) in our prayers. I thank God this site exists so I can aks advise and seek comfort.


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Hi Nettie,

You will be in my prayers. Keep positive and keep fighting! Let us know how you are doing


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