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esophageal cancer with mets

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My husband has been diagnozed with esophageal cancer in september 2003.He had an esophagectomy and was doing fine.This february mets were discvered in the liver ans spine.2 sets of chemo with cisplatine and 5 fu did not stop the cancer .Another set of chemo was staged with irinotecan(Campto)and 5 fu.Anyone with similar experience?Any suggestion of effective treatment?

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I suggest that you check out the EC Digest. There is a very active group of EC patients and caregivers who have lots of experience and information. Go to Cathy's EC Cafe at "www.eccafe.org" and click on the EC Group link. Just follow the instructions. Good luck, Bruce

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my dad has been dianosed with ec just last month
( june ) of 2004 it is in his liver to, they found 14 lesions on his liver..he has had 2 sessions of chemo and now has a week off to check things..he is on ciplatin and gemcitabine..he feels pretty good although they had to adjust his anti nausea meds. this is a really bad cancer the docs have told my dad that he has only 6 to 18 months to live

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