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Life is good!

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Hi All---Just a quick note to all of you, to say, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Thank you so much for being you. Mike is feeling pretty awful today, but that is to be expected day after surgery. I'm sure he'll want to share some details of his experience with you soon; it just goes to show ya, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! And to steal Stacy's quote (which I've repeated to myself numerous times within the last 36 hrs)...FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!
I'm going to try for some much needed rest now so I can hurry back to hospital very early a.m. This was a very tricky risky surgery; without all of you (& especially you, Stacy), I don't think I would have made it....So please know that whether or not people post messages, there must be many who do read yours, and benefit from your comments, so I do believe you are helping many.
God Bless you all.

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You and Mike get your much needed and deserved rest. I am so very happy for the successful surgery and, yes, "life if good".

Take care and God bless.


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Hi Pam and Mike- So glad to hear that surgery went well. Here is hoping that you both can get some rest.

Best wishes for a smooth and sucessful recovery.


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Glad to hear everything went well. Keep getting your rest as going to the hospital can tire you out and you are going to need all your strength.
Hugs to both of you

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Pam and Mike, So glad this part is over for you both. Those first few days after surgery are rugged, and there is little to do except take care of his and your needs day by day. Recovery can prgress quickly, but at the time each day can seem soooo long.
Continued thoughts and prayers for a smooth recovery. Judy

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Hiya Pam--sending "rainbows" to you and Mike from OZ.Jen has been my "angel" thru all of my treatment and it was extremely sad for me to see her have to cope with all the stresses involved.You are that "angel" for Mike and he will no doubt be worried for your health while he goes thru the healing process.
Make sure you look after yourself while dealing with this.
We hope Mike has a speedy recovery and that we will soon be able to talk to him.
Take care and be patient Pam--all will be fine in time, luv n huggs -kanga n Jen

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Pam and Mike,

Congratulations on your successful surgery! We love victories!! Wishing Mike a quick and complete recovery, and yes, life is good!

Hugs and well wishes,


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