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Great News!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to give you all a quick update on a newbie to our group...

Galliano (Mike and his wife Pam) had surgery today. I spoke with Pam, and Mike's surgery was successful. He'll be in the hospital for a few days recovering, but everything is fine. His surgery was to remove the part of his liver affected near the portal vein.

Gotta love these success stories!


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Stacy, Great news!! I love success stories. I did my 4th treatment of chemo today and next month go for an MRI ( Ihave one small spot on the liver that the doc said is very easy to get), but we will see if the chemo will get it first. Hopefully next month I will have a good story to tell.

BTW - My wife and I would love to join the group in Vegas the end of July. Weekends are a lot busier and more expensive. If you need any help with logistics, let me know, I would be happy to help.


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Posts: 1249
Joined: Mar 2003

I'm sure you'll be posting your success story soon Mike!

We're all looking forward to the Vegas trip...something I think will be a great time. I think July 19th (Monday) to July 22nd (Thursday) will be the dates we'll be heading out. Their "slow" season starts after Memorial Day, so I'm confident we'll get some good rates! Possible hotels are Monte Carlo, New York New York, Harrah's, Luxor, and MGM Grand. Obviously open to suggestions at this point...

Line up Grandma & Grandpa now to watch the kids!


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Thanks for your report on Mike Stacy--it is great to hear good news here.I am sure we all wish Mike and Pam the best from OZ.
Trusting you are as well as you can be Stacy.
cheers and huggs-kanga n Jen

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