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Now it's my turn to whine...

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I had a ct scan last week and have to wait until next Thursday for the results. My oncologist is not here because he is such a big shot he travels all the time giving talks and stuff. So I have been pouting instead of visiting the board. And you have been planning a big trip in my absence. How dare you have fun while I am suffering?
We have all been down this road before waiting for the good news/bad news. I never minded so much when I was really sick but now that my last scan was clear it is very difficult to think about the possibility of a recurrence.
The only thing that is keeping me sane is the beautiful weather. I have been outside a lot lately. My sister has an old overgrown walled herb garden that had been neglected for years. Due to my illness and her own lack of interest it was untended until I felt well enough to clean it up last summer. I got a late start because my chemo ended in spring and it took a while to get some energy back. A few flowers were planted and I felt optimistic enough to put in some bulbs last fall. Big success. Tulips. Hyacinths. Lilies.
Ambitious plans are now afoot to revamp the entire space and I am hard at it. Don't ask me what is going to going to happen but even the heartbreak of a crop failure is preferable to being in the doctor's waiting room.
Aspaysia, growing pretty things

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Waiting for results of tests is the pits. I just worry when I know my oncologist is out of town regardless. I started my treatment in June and my oncologist took a couple of weeks of vacation during that time. I was always nervous even though he had good associates to cover his cases for him.

Sounds like you have a great garden in the makings. I am itching to get to planting some flowers at my sister's soon.. but there are still some frost warnings so I have to wait a bit.

Here's hoping praying for a great CT report.


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awwwww--stop whining Aspaysia--my chemo brain tells me you are going to be just fine!!!!!
luv n huggies kanga n Jen

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You could get sneaky and call the radiologist...Bud

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I work in radiology, so my scans are read as soon as i have them. I told my oncologist on my last visit that I would be banging down her door to find out my results. I bet if you call the radiology dept. and ask for a radiologist they might give you the results. Good luck

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Hi Aspaysia....WHINING? I would be reaching through the phone to his secretary to find the covering MD and get the results. Or would your PCP have them? I curse the medical types who put us through this unnecessary torture, and don't seem to understand what weighs in the balance. I feel I have always worked hard as a nurse to keep patients and families informed and successfully navigating the system, but it sure is an ongoing battle; I feel for you.
I am also getting inordinate joy from my garden so far this year. After 3 years of work, I have 2 flower beds that are looking very happy and productive so far, and I look forward each day to tending to them (or at least offer them words of encouragement while I sit and read!)
Waiting with you, Judy

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