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6 month checkup

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Its been 6 months since my surgery. I feel great. Hemoglobin is 14.5, CEA was 1.3 (which was higher than it was at the 3 month checkup .9) and liver panels were a little askew...The oncologist thinks this is because they upped the thyroid medication and we are re-checking in 4 weeks along with the thyroid levels. Could the thyroid medication cause the liver panels to be a little abnormal? I just was disappointed that anything was off. Evidently my CEA is not going to be a good indicator which bothers me as well because before the surgery it was only 1.9. I am scheduled to have a colonscomy again at the year checkup and I dont know for sure which tests the oncologist is going to give me then. I feel very fortunate that I didnt have to have chemo (stage 1/Stage 2 cancer with no lymph node involvement and clear margins). The cancer was in the right side and the surgery went well. And a lot of you out there are dealing with much worse than me, but as you guys know, once you have this, you feel like you have a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any time. Let me know if any of you think I should be insisting on some other kind of test or what you think about the liver results. Thanks everyone..

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Hi franny....
Great to hear that you're feeling well! As far as the liver goes, was there any mention of a CT scan? I know that I now get them annually just to give a piece of mind regarding the state of things. It sounds like you're really having things fall into place, and that is good!

Get used to the feeling of walking on eggshells for a while. The further you get from your diagnosis, the "safer" you'll feel.

Take Care,


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Thanks you are right about the walking on egg shells. I am trying not to focus on every little ache and pain or whatever, but because I didnt feel all that bad before the surgery and diagnosis, I am afraid to rely on my feelings. However, I definitely have so much more energy that I did. I had a CT before the surgery but no one has mentioned one since, however I feel certain that at the year mark, my oncologist may have more tests in mind than the colonscomy I already have set up for October. Thanks again

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