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I am 22

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I am a 22 year old Lung Cancer survivor and need to talk to people my age. I was not sure about this discussion just about everyone posting here is over the age of 30. But I have only found 2 young people I can talk to that are close to my age and in the same point in life as I am. I would like more people my age to talk to and especially in the chat. Can anyone help though this discussion board may not be the right one since most are well over my age that I have seen use it. Help!

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I am 25, I know what you mean. It seams that a young survivor is any one under 40. I am lymphoma surivor for about 2 1/2 years. I had every treatment in the book, chemo, radiation, transplant, but finally got rid of it. I am at point in my life where I want to do some great this w/ it. It is just I don't where to begin or what to do. If you would like to chat sometime here is my e-mail

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Here are some sites that were listed on Planet Cancer that might be helpful to you:

www.planetcancer.org: Aimed at young adults in their 20s and 30s
www.teenslivingwithcancer.org: Comprehensive Web site for teens
www.vitaloptions.org/yawc.htm: Nonprofit whose mission is to spur a global cancer dialogue
www.youngsurvival.org: For women between 15 and 40 with breast cancer
www.ulmanfund.org: Support programs and education for young adults
www.acscsn.org: American Cancer Society's Cancer Survivor's Network's newly launched discussion board for young adults
www.2bme.org/2bMe.html: Focuses on appearance-related side effects
www.mothersdaughters.org: For mothers supporting daughters with breast cancer
www.pregnantwithcancer.org: For women who are pregnant with cancer
www.teencancertrust.org: London-based advocacy organization for teens
www.grouploop.org: Site geared toward young adults, from The Wellness Community, a national nonprofit support group
www.wableyer.oncologymail.com: Homepage of Dr. Archie Bleyer; presents research pertaining to teens and young adults www.cancersourcekids.com: Teen-centered page of informational network cancersource.com

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I am 19 and have looked around a lot at this information too. It doesn't seem as many teens wander through here as when I first started coming by, or at least if they do, they don't post much or go in chat. The sites listed are good sites for the most part. I really like the forums at Planet Cancer. However, CSN is still the only one with a chat room that I have found. Would be nice to see some younger people a little more active with the stuff here.

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I know exactly how you feel. I'm now 22 and was diagnosed last year shortly after my 21st. It can be so frustrating at times. We are just at an age where we wanna start careers, living life and while everyone around us seems to be getting on with their lives, we are constantly bombarded with hospital visits and other restrictions.
It would be great to chat with you all, i'm sure between us we must have some interesting tales to tell.
Best wishes to you all

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Hi, I just turned 31 this month. I was 28 when I was diagnosed. Which is also very young. I have been 22 but being 28 when I was diagnosed made me think MY GOD I am to young. I tried to imagine what the difference would have been If I was diagnosed younger. And the wierd thing about is that after finding out the stage my cancer was in and that it had spread. I was told I had probally had cancer for at least 3 years. That would have made 25 and even still younger. But here's something I think you should think about. No matter how old you are when you have cancer( or when you find out) and are going thru your treatments and such you find out real quick that relating to others by age really doesn't matter anymore( or shouldn't). Cancer is Cancer it doesn't discreminate. Afterall some people are diagnosed at VERY young ages like toddlers and then others the way to Elders. The thing to me is no matter what your age you are not alone. Anyone with Cancer can relate to you and COMPLETELY understand how you feel and the need to know your not alone. Think about If you had not found out at 22 but let's say 32, 42, 52, 62, Do you think it would make you feel any different? Afterall you are you at 22 versus 62. In my opinion as an individual you are who you are no matter your age. But, let me say this when I found out I had cancer I didn't let it get me down. I know how much technology is out there and My motto was Cancer has to have time for me, I don't have time for it. And I have lived by that motto and share it with everyone I meet. If you would like to talk just let me know or just email me. I know you will be able to relate. Or if I can help you find others closer to you age I will be very happy to help you. Just remember your not alone..

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I understand what everyone who has posted messages here feels. I am a 26 year-old female with tongue cancer (starting to sound like a personal ad here) and I'm going through treatment now. Not only is this traditionally an "older person's disease", but I originally thought my daily radiation time was for geriatric patients (now I've accepted that I'll just be the youngest one there any day, any time). I'm new to this site and am just starting to feel my way around. If anyone here wants to chat, I'm certainly up for it. sss@jimcondon.com

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I am 23 (almost 24) was diagnosed at 22. I would LOVE to get a chat or support group going or something. Basically it stinks to be young and starting your career, etc. Then you have friends who want to be supportive but don't know how to deal with you having cancer. I'd love to talk to ya'll some more...please feel free to email me!


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