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reponse to updates about spots

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You are right. I can deal with radiation damage better than I can a recurrence. My CT is at 9am but I won't get my results until 2pm. I will probably be there until 6pm;I usually am anyway. I'll let you guys know something on Wednesday. Wish me luck,ok? Michele

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BEST of luck; you're in my thoughts. Judy

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Good luck Michelle. Be sure and let us know on Wednesday. I will be praying for you, as I do everyone on here everyday.
Love and prayers, Judy H(grandma047)

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Best wishes for a great report.


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Our luv and a BIG rainbow for yu Michele.
kanga n jen

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I'm still in time....good luck to you tomorrow and here's a little prayer too.

Monika, caregiver to Bert diagnosed stage III with 4 lymph nodes involved 7/03 On 5fu/leucavorin through 12/03...switched oncologists and; put on 5fu/leucavorin/oxaliplatin as considered high risk. To date, still on chemo...all scans continue to remain clean...including latest colonoscopy (4/04)

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Hope you get my best wishes and thoughts Michele.

Hang in there.


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