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Not being able to walk or work

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I was diagnosed with pappillary 2 years ago. I had a complete thyroidectomy and tumor removal. My doctor wanted me to have the 1-131 radiation 6 weeks after surgery. My insurance played around and I was not given the radiation for one solid year after my surgery.

I was told that they had to give me an unusually high dose of the radiation 1-131. One day later I was so weak and in pain that I could not walk.

Since then I have had to go to physical therapy, the chiropracter, and have lost my job. I have not been able to stand or walk for one solid year.

I have also put one over 100 pounds because they can not get my thryoid levels worked out right. They had switched me from 350micro grams of synthroid to armour.

I am also on Flexeril and Hydromorphone- lower-tabs for the pain. Nothings seems to work for the pain. When is this pain and not being able to walk going to let up for me? I can't take to much more of this!

What about disability? Have any of you applied for disability? If so, has anyone been able to qualify for it? I have been denied twice.

PS. I had tumors removed from my left breast about a month ago as well. (Feels as if I am getting another one...Geeze I don't want to go back to the doctor!!) -Always somthin.

Lost -lilvoyce

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Hi! My name is Cherrie I've had 3 I131 treatments my first was in 1989 and it was of 100 the second was in 1994 and it was of 125 and my last treatment was in 2003 and it was of 152. and I never had any trouble walking, I really don't know what to say but do you take calcium? I have to take them because when I had surgery I had removed my parathyroid glands(which is what helps our body retain the calcium) and being off of the synthroid your body can get sore but not that much.
What does your dr. say about it? and being off of your meds will make you gain weight. Sometimes I get dieretics to help the body loose some of the water I hope you can get your answers soon.
Take care, Cherrie

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