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2 years and counting

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Today my dad turns 64 years old, 2 years ago when he was dx with stage4 pancreatic cancer I never thought this was possible. He underwent chemo and RXT prior to his whipple as the tumor completely encased this mesentaary artery. The doctor waas doubtful that he would be able to have surgery but a miracle happened the tumor strunk off his artery. Now two years later dad is bike riding, swimming, and enjoying life again. Still on Gemzar for the last two years. A changed man to say the least. But I am proud of him. This is such a devastating disease for patient and family. We don't know what lies ahead for dad, but we always love to hear form survivors, and what type of treatments they are trying.
Happy Birthday dad, you are our hero we are so proud of your courage and fight!
Would love any input. Thanks so much Janice

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Congrats to your father and your family. I just turned 44, tumor is wrapped around an artery, so as of now not a surgerical candidate. Have found a surgeon in seattle wa that i do get to meet on the 29th, he has been know to "scrape" the tumor off the artery...12 hours at one time i was told to do this...If nothin else it will be nice to shake the hand of a Dr that hates this demon as much as the rest of us..
Please tell me what ur fathers recipe was post whipple..take care and god bless..Dennis
""When you are diagnosed with cancer, you are introduced to yourself, you find out what you are made of""

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Hi Dennis
My prayers are with you that the doctor will be able to scrape some of the tumor off the artery, my fingers are crossed. Several people on another pacreatic chat have had the same vein stripping done. Dad was dx 214/02 after radiation and chemo he underwent his whipple, they first did a laparoscopy to make sure he didn't have metastatic disease, he did really well was out of the hospital in 7 days, i'm a nurse so he came home and stayed with me. Since that time he has been on Gemzar 2 weeks on 1 week off, for the last 2 years. He gets updated ct scans and ca19-9 every 3 months. Recently he went off the chemo for 3 months and just came home, his ca19-9 is 67 and was 100 when he left, the ct scan showed no new growth, so we are holding our breath and living everyday like it's our last. hang in there this disease is such a monster, if we can help you in anyway we will.Please keep us posted. Janice

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Thaks for your postings. Great to hear how well your Dad is doing. I'm wondering how he tolerated teh Gemzar? Thank you. Joseph9765@mac.com

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