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new to this site stage IV colon cancer

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Hi I have been reading your post for a few days and you all are so supportive.I was diagnosis with stage IV colon cancer 10/30/03. Have had 26 radation treaments, now almost half way through with my 6 rounds of chemo. This is the hardest thing I have ever faced. You have help alot. THANK YOU ALL. Your post have given me alot of insite, and help on coping.

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It is good to hear that you have found this board helpful. There are a bunch of great people here. Best wishes for a sucessful response.


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Hi danndy!

We're all glad you decided to write. We are a very supportive bunch, and are all good examples that there are happy endings to this all (no pun intended!) I was Stage 4 too, and today I am all clear...almost 3 yrs now. Stay strong, it'll be ok!


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Stacy, I was just dianosed with Stage IV, mets on my liver and lungs. My surgeon was blunt about my limitted prospects but encouraging about fighting on. My oncologist was the oposite, basically saying all he would do for me is give me an 18 instead of 6 month life expectancy with no chance of being clear. With such discouraging outlook, I ponder why even face the rough side effects of chemo. If not too personal, how did you beat it? Despite my glum oncologist, is it worth fighting on? At 34, I feel too young (not that any age is good), to end life. If someone can give me a shred of hope, I intend to fight and pray for all I'm worth.

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Hi and welcome. I have found this site to be so helpful since my surgery this past Dec. Now I'm more than halfway through chemo for my stage III disease, and it's going far better than I'd feared. Hang in there and keep us posted. Judy

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Welcome from "down under" Danndy.
Yep--yu can cope mate-just count off the days on the calender to remind yourself you are getting closer to the end of it.
Hey--set yourself a treat for the end of it!Find something you would really like to do and can't manage now--a goal, so to speak--then make sure you treat yourself to it.
our best, kanga n Jen

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I am not sure what is going on for the frist 12 weeks of chemo I couldn't get out of bed just no enegry at all. Now I am up and going well. I see my Dr. tues. will ask what is going on. As for all of you caregivers, I think what you are doing is much harder than what we are going through.Thanks to all caregivers!!!

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We are here for you so do not hesitate to ask questions, vent your anger, or offer support to others.

This is a wonderful discussion site and we all give each other so much support and information. Feel right at home here.

Take care and we'll all have you in our prayers.


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Thank you danndy from this caregiver but I think each of our jobs are difficult in their own way. Somehow though, when the two work together, miracles can and do happen. Welcome to the group and I wish you much success and a speedy recovery!

Monika, caregiver to Bert diagnosed stage III with 4 lymph nodes involved 7/03 On 5fu/leucavorin through 12/03...switched oncologists and; put on 5fu/leucavorin/oxaliplatin as considered high risk. To date, still on chemo...all scans continue to remain clean...including latest colonoscopy (4/04)

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