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Well, my dad went to the doctor today and we have good news. The PET scan was clear, as was the CT scan last week. The doctor even said that the spots on his liver that she had been concerned about are gone now. She said that the camptosar worked better than she had hoped. She said he is in REMISSION! What a beautiful word.

When asked why she seemed so grim just last week, she said that what she meant was that the cancer will be back, but who knows when. I really don't understand how she could have convinved my mom and dad that there was no hope, but she did. Today we have new hope though.

I can't thank you all enough. You were a light shining in the darkness and you helped to pull us through.

May God Bless all of you.

I will continue to update and try to offer support when possible.



  • littlejulie
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    remission is a beautiful word!! congrats to you and your dad :)
  • kangatoo
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    remission is a beautiful word!! congrats to you and your dad :)

    Great stuff Rachele---heres hoping dad will be free for a long time to come--our best--kanga n Jen
  • alihamilton
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    That is such good news! Good luck to you and your parents. The doctor could have surely put the situation much more compassionately than she did and would have saved you all alot of anxiety.

    Yes, one has to be vigilant and watch out for recurrence but certainly never to give up hope....there are too many survivors around who can attest to recovery.
  • livin
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    Congrats to your Dad and family. Remission is so beautiful to hear. Its time to celebrate a little.
  • KrisS
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    What good news. Thank you for passing it on. I hope your Dad took that car of his out for a few celebratory laps.

    Best wishes,