update on problems

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I just wanted you guys to know that the vaginal polyps that I discussed was nothing more than radiation damage. I am not sure about the liver spots or the lump on my pelvic yet. I have another CT Scan on Tuesday. I hope that everything turns out ok?


  • KrisS
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    What good news about the polyp. Here is hoping that the CT comes out with great results.

    Best wishes,

  • pattieb
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    glad to hear that and good luck on the ct
    keep us updated ok
  • cmcl
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    I'm sure you are releived to hear that news. Good luck on the CT.
  • mrslacsr
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    Yes, you are right it is good news. I can deal with radiation damage then a recurrance. I'll keep you guys posted. My CT is at 9 am but I won't get the results until 2pm. I'll be in there until 6pm. Wish me luck. Michele