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New to this, Surgery on May 4th

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I'm also a new comer to all of this. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer about a month ago,It's very early stages, it's not in the nodes and doesn't look to be fingering out through the walls, we are not doing chemo or radiation at this time, but doing surgery. They are going to do whats called a Transrectal Surgery. Where I believe they will bring my rectum Out,cut away the cancer and put it back where it belongs. This sounds VERY PAINFUL. Has anyone out there gone through this type of surgery????

I'm told I can't go to work for 2 weeks and no travel for 4. will I ever be able to sit again??

I'd really like to have an idea of what to expect

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I had surgery in june 2003 after radiation and chemo. I have to admit it was pretty painful. I reccomend the epidural with morphine. Unfortunatley due to radiation damage I developed a recto-vaginal fistula two days after I got home and then went back in for a colostomy. So I can't say how long you'll feel really sore. I remember that I was able to get up and down stairs and walking was okay. Sitting was more an abdominal problem. No one told me that I would begin to oooze from the abdominal incision several days after the surgery. Turned out that I was already home when it started and it scared me to death. I'd also recommed at least lightly covering the incision in anticipation of this.

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Hello!! I am a caregiver for my husband. He had surgery in October 2003. He had his colon removed and was able to have his rectum reconnected as that area was clean from cancer. He was really sore for a good couple of weeks. Mostly abdominal. He had no problem sitting other then getting up and down. His incision healed up beautifully. The only problem he had was passing blood clots from being off his feet with no previous warning. So if they put those boots on you keep them on when told to they are very important as my husband did not. We had no idea how important they were until it was to late. He is doing chemo now and being a real trooper about everything!!! Good Luck!!!!! Let us know how things are going!!!! Sue

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Hullo Hagar--I was almost a candidate for a transrectal but further tests showed my cancer too far up the colon to be a suitable operation.
I had my belly opened and the colon was rejoined with staples after the bad stuff was cut away.I was told by my surgeon that a transrectal would have been uncomfortable but a better option to a belly wound.
I think you will cope better with the transrectal--going on info I have from other patients.
I guess the healing process of the bowel will still be similar--they usually staple the 2 ends together.I was able to have a bowel movement on the 4th day after surgery-albiet the 1st one was painfull--but in time things slowly get back to normal.
Any surgery is a concern but being able to have the transrectal indicates to me that they have indeed caught the cancer early--so that is encouraging.
Keep us informed--our best -kanga n Jen

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