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My Cancer Story

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I have been dealing with Thryoid Cancer for about two years now. I am still in the angry stage. Can someone tell me how long it takes for the anger to go away? Below are some links to my Story:

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I've had thyroid cancer for almost 18 months. I just completed my first RAI treatment and WBS. My surgery was delayed a year because of other health problems. It is quite normal to be angry. I'm sure you heard about the stages that people go through: denial, bargaining, anger, acceptance, etc.... We all cope in different ways and progress through the stages at different rates.

My hunch is that you are frustrated and angry with the "establishment" i.e. hassles with insurance co., preapprovals, etc. It is bad enough having to deal with a new diagnosis of cancer while being "jerked" around by a stranger who has no clue what you are going through and doesn't care.

Hang in there. Be kind to yourself. I truly hope that the events in your life will ease up a bit and become less stressful.

Teresa, 40 yrs

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It's Cherrie again I just wanted you to know that when I was first diagnosed with my papillary cancer I was only 18 years old and 4 months pregnant and when I had the baby then I went to get my body scan and treatment then in 1993 I had another boy and then I went for a body scan which came back positive again and received another treatment then in 2002 I had to get an almost total hysterectamy and in 2003 when I went for my body scan and it came back positive and I had my last treatment(I hope it is my last) and now in Sept. I will be 35 years old and in August it will be 16 years since my surgery. It is not asy but I am here and my kids are ok. I thank God every day because I have my family that are always there for me. My kids know about my cancer and I just waited till they were old enough to tell them that mommy is sick but she will be ok.
and as they got older then I told them what it really was. I never wanted to lie to them you just have to find the way to tell your kids.And I don't regret it.My kids are 15 and 10 and they help me in everything they can.

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