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my brother's cancer

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I do not know if this will be help to everyone but my brother Michael battled brain cancer for 30 years. He was first diagnosed in 1972 and went through a year of treatment after surgery..the doctors tols my parents he would at best be a vegetable, he was not he returned to school, graduated, worked, married and 17 years later the tumor returned. He again went through surgery with a less than 5% chance of survival, survived and went on until 1998 when it again returned this time sent to hospice where he was told to prepare to die, we took what we thought would the last family vacation to the destination of his choice and he survived 3 more years, sadly he lost his battle on March 7th 2002...he led a remarkable life and I his sister always beside him, two of the doctors who said he would die passed years before him. He went through every tests imaginable including volunteering for some he also did herbs and NEVER lost his sense of humor. If I can be of any help to anyone about going through brain cancer please contact me I can not share personally how one feels physically through treatment but I can share what it was like living beside someone going through it...we also lost our mother in May of 2000 to liver cancer due to hepatitis C which she had for 11 years...believe me I have been there I do understand........THERESA

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Dear Theresa...thank you for your encouraging words. My husband was diagnosed on Mother's Day, 2003, with grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme, with a terrible prognosis. But he continues to do well almost one year later, and all MRI's and PET scans have been clean. I love to hear stories like your brother's because I need to know that people DO survive this. Would you happen to know what grade your brother's tumor was? GBM is known to be very aggressive and difficult to treat, but we are hoping that Dale will be one of the lucky ones that beats this. Again, thank you.

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Glad to hear your husband is doing very well - this is very encouraging to the rest of us who have loved ones with glioblastoma. Take care

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I'm a 53 yr old male with Glio Blastoma, dx last July 2003. I had a resection, glio wafers, then radiation and chemo that started sept 12th 2003. Since then I have had 7 rounds of chemo (temadar), and my last three MRI's have shown no new growth of this tumor. Glad to hear your brother did so great, for so long. As you know he blew away the numbers on this type of tumor. He must have had a great attitude, because I feel that is half the battle, having a great attitude, and a never give up lifestyle. There is hope for all of us, and with the help and guidance of God, we will survive..
God Bless

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