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anaplastic astrocytoma question

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Has anyone had this and not been able to have surgery? My sister's is as of now inoperable, to deep in her brain and too close to area of the brain that controls motor function and breathing. There are some very encouraging things people have shared, but most of you seem to have been able to benefit from surgery. I am just wondering how anyone is doing that wasn't able to have that aspect of treatment.

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I have had an anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3. My tumor was in the right temporal lobe,the size of an orange and pressing against my brain stem. I have had 2 surgeries and radiation and chemo. I was diagnosed in October of 2001 and as of April 5, 2004 there is no sign of cancer or of the tumor. There is hope and things can be done.

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I have an astrocytoma that was removed almost 14 years now from my right medulla. The tumor is still inter-twined within my brain stem I was 15 at the time. My surgery was done by Dr. George Sypert in Ft. Myers, FL - I had 6 weeks of radiation to slow the growth it was Grade II. I met a child Adam who at the time was 8 years old. We went through radiation treatments and cancer society outings together. His mom found Dr. Epstein by reading a story that the readers digest published. It touch our parents life. Are you close to New York? If so Dr. Fred Epstein in NY does surgeries that for years were thought as risky. He is a great surgeon and is world reknown. Adam had a Grade III or IV he had several surgeries and is now twenty-one years old. I believe Dr. Epstein is a Pediatric Surgeon but he will not operate if he feels he can not do it. Also if your sister is older I would still call for a referral for a second or third opinion. In my case doctors can not tell the difference from good or bad cells. So I only had the one surgery. Life is good. I enjoy each day I wake up because you never know. Doctors are currently trying to determine if my cancer has spread though studies show our tumors usually do not spread. I have a lung nodule, left adrenal gland mass and few spots on my liver. I am in discovery phase with doctors as these things could be un-related. I wish all of you the best in every way and will pray for you all. Never Give Up. Your will power is your weapon against cancer and anything in life.

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Hello, I have a glioblastoma astrocytoma situated in my right parietal lobe sitting on my motor skills for my left side. I have found one neurosurgeon in my town to operate in she did not get very much of the tumor, so I went to Stanford and the team there resection 95% of my tumor without any additional loss of motor skills. It was worth the risk. My doctor at Stanford was Dr. chang, and he knows his stuff. I am now in radiology and have had chemotherapy. My body has stabilized and I am in a routine that I can live with. If thishelps you, I am happy. Please e-mail me with any question, you might have.

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I had a astrocytoma. I ad surgery and radiation almost nine years ago. mine is a celler bellar astrocytoma

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My wife also had an inoperable astrocytoma, grade three determined by byopsy surgury, she had radiation followed by chemo. she is in her fourth year and doing just fine. She has been also taking a number of alternative immune boosters, esaic tea and reechi and shitakie mushrooms, wether or not they work I can't say for sure but we where willing do do what ever it took to get her through this and we did, and so can you!!

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My mother was diagnosed last month with anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3. She is 61 years old. She has led an extremely active lifestyle. She also is inoperable as it is in the corpus callosum. She started Temodar and Radiation yesterday. I would appreciate any advice on giving her comfort. She also has a hard time concentrating due to the Decadron and her tumor. Are there any activities that anyone could suggest that could help her through the day. My family is very close knit and we are trying to come up with any other things to help her through this. I am interested in alternative methods also. God bless all of you through your journey with this!

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You may want to contact the American Cancer Sociey's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and may be able to assist you with your questions. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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My husband was just diagnosed with the exact same type and grade of tumor. And in the exact location. We live in Ca. and are currently under treatment at Hoag Hosp. and are going for Second opinions at different facilities. We just found out about a month ago and his cancer is also unoperable. He is currently in his third week of radiation and chemo (Temodar). He had a biopsy done and they also placed bilateral shunts in his head. The tumor measured 3.5x 5.0 cm. I have not heard of anyone that has been able to do surgey with a tumor that deep. How's your sister doing? Cindy

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Hi Cindy. My name is Linda and my husband (the love of my life) was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma May 2004. We were told at Georgetown University Hospital that it was inoperable and to have a nice 2-4 years to live. I am a Nurse Practitioner and just wouldn't take that answer.....this
was my love we were talking about. I got him into MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He underwent surgery with complete tumor removal. He since has undergone radiation and 1 year of Temodar chemotherapy. Every subsequent MRI has been clear except our last one, which shows some radiation effects in the area around the resection site. We live one day at a time and my husband says these have been the best days of his life. He has realized what is important to him and says he'll face whatever comes. I pray many times a day and that helps me through. May God bless you and remember love is a powerful thing. Linda

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When I was treated at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD there were many brain cancer patients with no surgery or partial surgey to remove their tumors. The IMRT radiation treatment appears to address inoperable tumors with the ability to control multiple arrays of wavelengths and beams to destroy tumors. By using MRI and CT scans merged together the least harmful treatment is derived and given.
While every single patient is unique and has their own history and ability, the radiation is to shrink the tumor, and generally succeeds. The issues are the damage to surrounding tissue from the radiation and/or chemotherapy.
That is an important bit to find out - what areas around the tumor site may (may not!) be damaged, and what expected benefits vs. loss medically will occur.
Treatment varies with so many factors - important to talk to a number of Large Cancer Facilities/Hospitals and find answers to your satusfaction.
Good Luck & God Bless!

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