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Thanks so much everyone. I printed out your responses and took them to my dad last night. He didn't read them while I was there, but my mom told me this morning that they read them together last night and that they lifted his spirits tremendously. He is now agreeing to get a 2nd opinion. I'm suggesting both the University of Iowa and Mayo Clinic. I'll give him all of the information I can find and let him decide where he wants to go.

I can't thank you all enough. Thank you for taking the time to help even when you're all dealing with this same scary monster yourself.

Damn cancer. Damn it.

I will pray for all of you when I pray for my dad.

Susan, you asked what kind of recurrance. I'm not sure I guess. All I know is that the surgery was thought to have removed all the cancer, but he did chemo (5FU) and radiation "just as a precaution"...but when he went for his first PET scan after all of that, they found a tiny "hot spot" and said we'd have to try another chemo, and that's when he started camptosar. It apparently worked as the last two CT scans were clear. He's going for another PET scan tomorrow though, so I suppose that will tell us more.

We agree with you Susan and Kris...that something doesn't add up. Drmrgirl47, the oncologist is the one telling him he is "incurable". But she didn't say that ever before, and the only thing he's had done since the last time he saw her was a CT scan, and it was clear! That's why we were so confused yesterday. My parents were in such shock they couldn't think to ask questions. Now we have lots of questions for her. Like, does she know something we haven't been told? What would make her feel he is "incurable" now as opposed to two months ago? Did she think that then but didn't tell us? Was she just having a freakin' bad day????? Ughhhhhh! so frustrating.

Emily - you're an inspiration. Your attitude is beautiful.

Thanks again to all of you...Livin, horray on beating the demon twice, Alison, your husband is in our prayers now, too. Aspaysia, thanks for the info on Holden, I'm checking them out. Ron - 6 years - congratulations! Kerry, thank you, and yes, my mom is a basket case, but she's a little better after reading your response. Jose - thanks so much, I looked at your web page, you're an inspiration too. Carol - congratulations on three years, Here's to many many more!

I guess if there's anything good about cancer it's that it breaks down the walls we put up and allows human beings to reach out to other human beings and be healed. Thanks for letting us know we're not alone. I wish no one had to be here, but knowing someone understands the fear is very comforting. Thank you all.



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    Please stay in touch and let us know how your dad is going. You and your family will be in our prayers.

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    kerry said:


    Please stay in touch and let us know how your dad is going. You and your family will be in our prayers.


    Hullo Rachele--cancer--yep--horrible thing--'tis why we are here and why we all discovered another way to connect as true friends--strange it should come to this.
    As for Emily being an inspiration--thats 'cos the rest of us eat too much sugar!!!!!
    Our very best Rachele --yu too are an inspiration--errr--yu don't eat sugar do yu?????
    luv n huggs n colourfull rainbows to yah--kanga n Jen
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    It is good to hear that your Dad is going to check into this more. Keep in touch. My prayers are with all of you that he will get some more positive answers.