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I am 29 years old. I was diagnosed with colon cancer with mets to my liver and lungs in August 2002. I am glad to see a page for younger cancer survivors as I feel I have some other issues that some of the older survivors don't have to deal with. I have a 2 year old son. Does anyone else here have children? How do you keep up with kids when you are so tired from chemo. My family has been a great support but I am beginning to feel like burden on them. I just had another colonoscopy which they removed 2 polyps which were non cancerous. When I had my first colonoscopy there were hundreds of polyps so the treatment has been working. I had a PET scan done in August 2003 which showed the tumors that were left in my liver and lungs were dead. I am having another CT scan next week. I did have a 90% reduction in tumors in my liver. When I saw my first oncologist they gave me 6-18 months so I have already beat the odds. Well I won't go on any longer I just wanted to introduce myself and hope to communicate with some people in my age group. I think the support this web site gives is great.

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Good to hear your PET came back with good news. My husband is in the process of preparing for surgery on his liver to remove the tumors still remaining. He had his PET last week and although they are smaller and lighter in color than the last one the chemo is no oner working. He's now scheduled for surgery to resect the liver. and He has stage IV Colon cancer with mets to the liver. His last round of chemo was on Oxalyplatinum/5FU which gave him great results (90% reductions) He had surgery on his colon last May. The PET shows no other mets other than the liver. We have a 10 year old boy so I know how you feel about relying on family but I know they want to help. My husband is 45 he's being treated at Swedish Med Hosp and Cancer Research Center in Seattle. We pray everyday that God blesses us and gives us strength as we walk this difficult journey, He has been our strength thus far. I pray for you too that He brings healing and comfort to you and your family. Thanks for sharing and for allowing my to share our story too.

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I was only 20 yrs old when i was diagnosed with colon cancer, so i know how hard it is go through surgery and chemo at a young age. While i do not have children, i did chemo will i was at college, which was tough too. I have had colonoscopies, CTs and XRays, and they have all been negative, so i feel pretty lucky. Im 22 and still going strong.

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Hey jenn!
I was diagnosed with a non functioning islet cell tumor of the pancreas with 1 node involved shortly after the birth of my daughter who is now 15 months old. I underwent a modified whipple operation in september; and at 6 months post op they found some swollen nodes which we are hoping are reactive from the surgery. I know how isolating it is to not only have cancer at a young age, but to also have a baby and what that means too. Please write me any time. I hope all is well and I'll keep you in my prayers.


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Hi, I just turned 31 this month. I as diagnoed with Breast Cancer that had spread to my Lymphnodes. I was 28 and had 2 kids. I had my hubby and a few friends. Other than that we ( I ) did all on my own except for when my husband was home. I am now a Survivor as of this past Feb. 2004 I am now a mother of 3. I got pregnant with my 3rd child 3 weeks after my last Chemo in feb of 2003. They told me I would not be able to get pregnant for at least 2 yrs. Funny how things always work out excatly how they are supposed to. But getting back to your question. I know what you mean about going thru Chemo and taking care of your kids. My husband worked alot since I had to quit work because of the cancer. And his mother lived a few blocks away and same for my closest friends. But at the same time you can't expect there lives to be put on hold. It is tought enough for the family whos is going thru it. But what I did was live by a motto that first hit me when the doctor told me I had Cancer. She said It's cancer. I said OK what do we do next, when do we get started? ETC... I said last to her ok ASAP, lets do this. It has to have time for me because I don't have time for it. And I still believe that even now that I am in remission. You never know it could come back. But when I was going thru Chemo I was pretty tough I don't let to many things take over me.( I strongly belive in mind over matter, If you don't mind it doesn't matter ) I drank the original Sunny D. I carried a cooler of it everywhere i went. I still was taking the Zofran but something about juice made me feel som much better. It goes straight to your stomach and you don't have to wait for it to work. I was told fruit was really good to, But I reallydidn't eat much thats whay I drank Sunny D. And at the time my middle son was barely 2. During the day when I was tired I would think about what things my son liked the most and keep him busy the longest. Then I would make a pallet on the floor for us and lay right next to him and try to rest, never falling asleep. I was able to be with him while he was doing something he really liked and rest. Sometimes I would take all kinds of things into my room or his shut and lock the door and let him play on the bed while I layed down. I would have him rub my back and theb I would rub his you get the idea I hope. And when my husband came home he would take over and I would go sit in a hot shower on the floor with my knees to my chest and my head between my knnes and just let the hot water just beat down on my back. And most time the hot water ran out before I would get out but, when I got out and came out of the bathroom I would lay on my bed and let the air take over. Being so hot from the shower and then the air cooling me down was so relaxing and rejuvinating I almost felt pretty normal and it would make me feel like I was so refreshed like I had just woke up . You just have to think of things you normally wouldn't do but are still safe for you and your son. I am sorry if I have rambled on and on I just get excited to help others hoping something I say might help someone else. I hope this helps. But, if you need a friend I am here for you. Just send me an email. take care

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