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Honoring all Semi-colons!

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Hi everyone,

I received very good news today. My oncologist was shocked that my liver enzymes have almost returned to normal in just one week. He thought I would have to postpone chemo for a month, but I can start again next week. What a relief!

For the Relay for Life at the end of the month, I decorated my luminary bag with purples, blues, and sparkly glitter. I dedicated it to all of the Semi-colons and put the following poem on the back. It's a little dorky, but I wrote it in a hurry. Here's to each of you...

The Semi-colons

We are the Semi-colons
Cancer is our foe.
We battle this Dragon daily
Because we are not ready to go!

We are the Semi-colons
Nutrition is our friend.
We juice, stir-fry, steam, and broil
As we help our bodies to mend!

We are the Semi-colons
Sugar is no longer allowed.
We've tossed out our colas, brownies, and pies
And for this we are extremely proud!

We are the Semi-colons
Broccoli, Garlic, and Green Tea
Have become our daily staples
As they aid our foe to flee!

We are the Semi-colons
A feisty group, no doubt
We share our victories and our fears
As we keep our enemy out!

We are the Semi-colons
You'll never see our scar
But you will notice our spirit
For that no one can mar!

Hugs and Well Wishes to each of you!


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Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Sorry about the way the poem was printed. I had it in four line stanza. Oh well, you can still get the gist of it.

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What a great poem!! I hope you don't mind that I copy it and of course, give you credit. It is just fabulous. I intend to print it and have it framed in my office so I can look at it every day and smile. What a great group of supporters and friends.

I am so happy for you and the good news about your liver enzymes. I sent you a post about my enzymes and they rose also and went back down. Fortunately I did not have to suspend my treatment, but did have to alter it somewhat.

Contgratulations on the good report. Get through this chemo and get well!!


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I don't think that it is dorky, when I read this it seemed to help me today because I am feeling quite down. Thank you

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Hi Kay----awwwww--gotta put that one in the "semi-colon" hall 'o' fame!!!!!!!
chemo?---blitz it Kay!!!!!

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thanks for sharing and thinking of us.


peace, emily who shows her 12" scar proudly when she wears her string bikini!

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Hey Emily!!!!!--my scar is 12 1/2 inches--he he!
They did a detour round my belly button!

lol---are we going to have dueling scars now????
Kanga-"one who uses a slide rule to calculate distances--he he"

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Ahoy, Kanga....

"Scar envy"??? The girls all tell me I've got the biggest they've ever seen... (scar that is!)

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