Thanks to those who answered - I have another question (please!)

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I'm going to try to convince my dad to get a 2nd opinion, but how do I find the best doctor/clinic/hospital to refer him to? We live in Des Moines, Iowa. I want to be able to give him not only nformation about who to call, but also a good reason for doing so. My dad is a stubborn man, and I need to be able to convince him that there is still hope. I think he's considering giving up after what the doctor told him today. We need to find a doctor who is willing to fight with him, and I need to find a way to convince him to see that doctor.

I just realized that I'm sounding very selfish. You have to understand though, this is a man who after his last CT scan was clear, bought another race car (he had sold his after the initial diagnosis) and had begun racing again. Now, after today's doctor visit, he's saying he's going to sell his racecar and "get his stuff in order"...

Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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    I found this NCI approved center at the university of Iowa. The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. It will have the best treatment for you dad. If you have trouble copying the address give me you e-mail and I can send a hyperlink that you can just click on.
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    Hi Rachele-I am so sorry to hear that your dad has gotten such a dire prognosis. Something doesn't add up, since several people here have already related their stories of surviving stage 3 tumors. While it is not a bad idea for your dad or any of us to have our affairs in order, a second opinion is in order just so that he does not give up his car, something that he loves, as well as giving up on life itself.

    There is a list of major cancer centers at the NIH web site. M.D. Anderson in Houston is one of the larger centers. Someone here recommended U of Chicago. I am being treated at U of Wisconsin in Madison. I am certain that others will have suggestions also.

    Here is hoping that you and your dad get better news.

    Best wishes,

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    Two Words: Mayo Clinic

    Call them and ask for an appointment. It's where I go. I live in Minnesota. They run as efficiently as a Swiss Watch and are kind and compassionate. They either hire exceptional people or they train them expertly. Either way check it out. Please.

    peace, emily who LOVES her onc who has had colon cancer himself
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    Hello again.....Indeed, to me it seems like something does not add up. Like I said before, you did not tell us what type of recurrence your father had, but irregardless of that, he was Stage III and should not be told that he will have cancer for the rest of his life under these circumstances (his CT being clear, etc.). Since the Holden Center is near where you live that is what I would recommend. I don't know how far the Mayo Clinic is either, but it would be easier to get your dad to go to the University of Iowa I would think. You should call and make an appointment for him. If he cannot be assured of why this is necessary, tell him to read some of the peoples stories on here!
    I just cannot emphasize enough the mind/body connection and how important it is for your father to get to a doctor who is going to HELP him. I really hope you can get him out of his funk. It is ridiculous. His CT is clear - that means NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE and that is cause for celebration! That is supposed to help rid him of fear. I truely wish you luck and hope that your dad gets to a better oncologist!