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Aching testicles, anyone?

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Hi, my partner, Bob has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He has had a bone scan (results not known yet) and he has an appointment with an oncologist on April 27. Bob had his ultra-sound and about 10 samples taken for biopsy on March 9. I'm not sure how long after that that his testicles started aching. Not every day, but might ache for a day or more at a time. Bob is convinced that this was caused by the ultra-sound/sample-taking. Has anyone had this, and if so, did it last for a long time? Could it be caused by the cancer?

Thanks so much for your replies each time I post.

All the best, Karlen

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Both myself and my friend who were both disgnosed with prostate cancer had extreme pain in the testicles.We both had scans which revealed nothing.Was gointo c 2 drs in Orlando who specialize in testicular pain but did not.Pain has left but it lasted for months and felt liked I had been kicked in the testicles.Not fun.Good luck.

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